Find Your Gloriousness

Blog Post created by Dancingthrulife_6.4.13 on Jun 2, 2016

~~Hey you glorious human being.  Some things to remember today:  The world is lucky to have you.  Don't stop walking your own way.  Keep unearthing your wild.  Stop work, stress, and busyness from taking over.  Follow your heart come what may.  Your life is a beautiful canvas of possibility.  Take the paintbrush and make it all your own.~~  Unknown

It's time to feel good!!  Free!!  Happy!!  Hope!!  Even if it's only for a little while.  Take time out from busy.  Walk away from "have to"s.  Leave behind "I am afraid to".  And step out into the wonderful world of you! 

Each and every one of us is glorious in our own way.  We can shine like no one else in the universe.  The earth...the world....needs our unique ways in order for everything to make sense.  We lose our sense of glorious as we grow up.  So many other things take over.  Some beat us down, some break our hearts, some just fade into the shadows of life.

But our gloriousness is there waiting for us.  Truly!  And when you stop smoking and learn to live your life without that addictive crutch, your gloriousness starts to peek out at you. Do you see it in the sparkle of your eyes?  Do you hear it in your giggles?  Do you feel it in your heart? 

It's there.  I've seen it in you.  I've read it in your words as you tell us about your....child, spouse, job, health.  I've heard it in your delight over your quit.  I've smiled as you wonder about all the tastes, sights, and smells you've experienced since your quit.  And you know it only gets better. Really!!  Once you experience the joy of life without nicotine, you want more of it!! 

So find your hidden glory.  Feel the joy in it.  Revel in the hope and the beauty of living smoke free.  Feel your strength and let loose with your wild!!  The universe is applauding your awakening.

Much love to you all, Sheri