You are Enough

Blog Post created by Dancingthrulife_6.4.13 on Mar 23, 2016

~~The fact that you are enough, exactly as you are, has nothing to do with how you look, or what you do for work, or who your friends are, or where you live, or how smart and rich you are, or how generous and selfless you are, or how creative and talented you are.  None of this matters, not in the least.

You are enough, exactly as you are, simply because you exist, like all of us, a child of the divine.  You don't have to do a things to prove your worth.  You have been worthy since your first breath, and you will be worthy to your last.~~  Scott Stabile

Throughout my time here, I have been attempting to say this very thing.  Not in these precise words and not as eliquently as this...but still.  And the reason I have been here and the reason I've been saying this is because so many of us feel like we have to prove our worth to the world.  We work hard at being worthy.  Through our jobs, our generosity, our daily lives.  And even our quits.

We want to show we deserve them.  We want to show how hard we work at quitting no matter how very, very difficult our lives are....our quits are...our worlds are. 

Some of us do have those very difficult lives.  Some of us do have to work hard at our quits.  Some of us do want to prove our worth to the world.

But when we recognize that we don't have to.....that we are worthy simply because we exist....our struggles cease to exist.  When we understand that we don't have prove our worthiness, the world calms and our presence in that world fits perfectly.  There will still be challenges.  There will still be bad days.  But never a bad life.

Your quit isn't about deserving it.  Your quit is about you recognizing you've always deserved it.  You matter.  You are worthy.  And you have never had to prove it.

That's really all I ever wanted to get across to those who know it's time to quit.  I've been there.  I know the internal chaos.  It's ok.  You are ok.

My time at Ex is over.  While I love so many people here, it's not my place.  And I recognize it.  But before I left, I wanted to say something like this to all those who still haven't found their forever quit.  It's there.  I promise you it's there.  You just have to recognize it in all it's glory and stunning beauty.   Recognize the quitter in you and understand your worth is already in place and has been since your first breath.

The world is waiting for you.