Say Yes

Blog Post created by Dancingthrulife_6.4.13 on Mar 20, 2016

~~Say yes.  Whatever it is, say yes with your whole heart & as simple as it sounds, that's all the excuse life needs to grab you by the hands & start to dance.~~ Unknown

Just say yes.  Yes, I quit smoking.  Yes, I started living.  Yes, I love myself enough to take good care of me.  It's not hard.  You just have to be willing to let go.

Let go of the excuses that keep you in your comfort zone.  Let go of the idea that quitting is agony.  Let go of your thoughts that you aren't good enough or smart enough or strong enough to quit.  Of course you are!!

You are a miracle.  You are brilliant.  You are remarkable.  All you have to do is remember that.  You were created to sparkle and there is something unique in you that the whole world is waiting for. 

All you have to do is come out behind that cloud of smoke.  Say yes, you can!!  Say yes, you will!!  And when those doubts creep in, shout yes, I am a quitter!!!  Yes, I will make it through!!!  Yes, I am worth stepping outside my comfort zone.

And allow life to grab you by the hand and dance with you.  Without that haze of smoke in front of you, you are going to see life as it truly is.  Lovely, free, exciting!  Stimulating, challenging, interesting!!  And you will smile as you dance.....simply because you said, "Yes".