Miracles and Memories

Blog Post created by Dancingthrulife_6.4.13 on Feb 23, 2016

~~If we could see the miracle of a single flower, our whole life would change.~~  The Buddha


I want your life to change.  Truly!!  It means the world to me.  Why?  Because mine did.  And it was such a huge, lovely, amazingly tremendous positive burst of change, that I want everyone to be able to feel it.

When I quit smoking, my world blossomed.  I felt....joy....wonder.....happy......excited.....contentment.  The world suddenly became alive with breathtaking colors and awe inspiring beauty. 

It doesn't happen for everyone.  I know this.  I know some people are so scared and so stressed and so uptight that their quits are a battlefield.  They are at war with themselves.  And rather than easing into peace, their struggles end in relapse and self loathing and another quit date.

I can't quit for you and I can't make your life sparkle and shine.  My positivity may even be annoying and irksome to those who are not 'there' yet. 

But next Monday I will be celebrating 1000 days of smoke free living.  And while I can't quit for you, I can give you a distraction that may lead to bigger and better 'happy' feelings. 

So, here goes. 

I am asking everyone on the site to plant a flower.  A flower seed is ok....a flower in a pot....a little bud or a bunch of blooms.  Just plant a flower.  You may have to plant it in a little cup for your windowsill.  You may be able to plant it in your garden or next to your house or even near your sidewalk.  Just plant a flower.

And then I want you to think of Fannie and all the others like Fannie who didn't win the quit battle.  And I want you to honor their memory with this pretty little flower and keep it blooming as your quit blooms.  And when you look at your flower, notice how strong it is to reach bravely towards the sunlight.  It doesn't control the weather....it doesn't control the amount of sunshine it gets.....it just reaches for the sky.

We are each blessed with another day.  We can quit....of course we can.  But we let our addiction control us.  We allow ourselves to find excuses.  We even admit to weakness.  We don't want it to be 'too hard' or 'too long' or 'too confusing'.

So, on Monday.....let all the negativity go as your pick your flower, plant your flower, and nuture your flower.  Your flower is a miracle reminding you that you, too, are a mircle.  You are.  And you have today to nuture yourself.  To grow your quit as you grow your flower. 

So many of our loved ones lost their quit battle.  And so I would love to share the joy of my 1000 days with the miracle of a flower and the memories of those who are not able to celebrate with us.

I hope this makes sense and I hope you will think about the miracle a flower brings........

Peace, Sheri