Doubt It

Blog Post created by Dancingthrulife_6.4.13 on Nov 15, 2015

~~It's ok to doubt what you have been taught to believe.~~  Unknown


How many times have your reached for a cigarette when you were stressed?  How many times have you smoked with the thought that it will make you feel better?  How many times did you think having a cigarette will calm you down?

Did you ever doubt it?  Did you ever think those thoughts were lies?  Of course not.

But they were.  Addiction is built on lies.  One on top of another because your brain worked on justifying it's need of nicotine.  That simple.  Nicotine sparks "feel good" hormones in the brain.  The brain likes to "feel good".  When the nicotine is gone, the brain frantically searches for those 'feel good' hormones again.  Tension builds, anxiety rises until the nicotine once again releases those "feel good" hormones.  And addiction is activated.

But you CAN break the cycle.  Do not let your brain talk you out of it!  It is simply searching to feel good again.  You have the ability to create ways of releasing those hormones without smoking.  Really!!

Some people find that same feeling in sky diving.  Not interested?  Then how about hiking?  Yoga?  Painting?  Knitting?  Gardening?  Spending time with family?  Having coffee with a friend?  Photography?  Laughing?  Enjoying nature?  Volunteering at a nursing home or animal shelter?  Swimming?  Baking?  Cleaning?  Taking a class?  Learning a second language?

I could go on and on because there are sooooo many other things to do that will make you feel good.  I promise.  But you are a unique soul and it is up to you to find ways of calming yourself down or making yourself happy.  Or easing stress.  Or any other thing that your brain tells you you need. Without nicotine.

Its time to doubt what your brain has told you.  You CAN live without smoking!!  You can enjoy life without nicotine.  You can.  And you deserve to!!  You deserve a happy, healthy life free of the bonds of an addiction that will ultimately kill you. 

Dance, my friends.  Dance because you are free and the world is now yours!!  Keep that beautiful quit going and feel light enough to dance.  Sheri