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~~She made a promise to herself to hold her own well-being sacred.~~  QueenOfYourOwnLife

So I had a wonderful yoga session this morning.  It made me feel relaxed and calm just as it always does.  I love yoga!!  I do it because I love it, not because it's "good for me" or I can't function without it.

I also love volunteering and I am involved in several events and causes.  I like to do random acts of kindness.  I love how colorful and cheerful my house is.  I adore my family.  I am creative.

I hold my own well-being sacred.  I know what to do to make myself feel better when I'm not at my best.  I know what cheers me up.  I know how to get through stress my way.

And I'm saying all this not because I'm "perfect".  Sooooo far from it!!  I get impatient, I shy away from confrontations, my house is always dusty, and I am a loner more than a joiner.  I trip over my own feet...although I don't fall because yoga keeps me well balanced :)

I'm saying this because I want you to see how lovely it is to know yourself.  How vital it is for your well-being.  How wonderful it is to really live your life instead of just existing from one cigarette to the next. 

I was a smoker for my whole adult life on and off.  I didn't really care about my likes and dislikes.  I did tend to focus on how "bad" I was for smoking.  Never looked past the addiction to who I was underneath.

But once I made it my mission in life to live smoke free, I uncovered the real me that was waiting for a chance to blossom.  Actually, the true me kind of exploded into the world with stunning force :)  I was so ready!  So my quit was simply a quiet exit from my old ways.....into a colorful, joyous world that loves me as much as I love it!

Exaggeration?  No.  This is my wonderful life.

And you?  Do you know who you are underneath the addiction?  Do you know who is waiting to emerge?  Do you like who you are becoming?  Because you only get one only move forward as the past remains only get this one life.  So hold your own well-being sacred.  Enjoy each day, even with life's ups and downs.  Quit waiting for the magical moment you won't want to smoke.  You are the magic. 

Happy Friday, all!!  Sheri

Hi!  If you don't know me, I am the one who writes those "feel good" blogs.  Love yourself, fluff the tutu, and dance through life.  I usually leave the education piece of quitting to others who do such a good job....Thomas, Dale, Sootie, know them, too.  They know what they're talking about and they know how to quit.

Believe it or not, so do I.  Underneath the blowing bubbles in the car, underneath the yoga, underneath the joy of life, I know how to quit.

I understand addiction because I educated myself.  I know how the neurotransmitters fire from one synape to a receptor.  I understand the release of serotonin and dopamine...the "feel good" neurotransmitters and I know how the brain reacts when you quit smoking.  I know what the body goes through and I know about the mood swings, the overwhelming of emotions, and the reasons for the weight gain.

Underneath it all, I read.  I gained knowledge.  I learned.  And 866 days ago, I quit cold turkey and never looked back.  I was prepared and I did it.

I read the blogs of the newbies and elders now and I know.  I know who understands addiction, who had done the reading, and who will struggle unnecessarily.  Not being harsh but I say unnecessarily because if you educate yourself on addiction, if you read about quitting, if you learn what your body goes through and WHY, you will feel much more comfortable in your quit.  Rather than wonder why you are depressed, you will already know.  Rather than wonder why a hard craving hit, you will recognize why.  You can come here and ask why, of course.  Plenty of people are willing to educate you.  Or you can learn all this even before your quit date.

So, underneath the happiness of my blogs, I understand addiction and quitting.  And that's why I dance.  And that's why I sing.  And that's why I find joy in everything.  Because it eased my quitting symptoms and makes me feel good no matter what else is going on.

Please don't dismiss the knowledge on this site.  Please don't think you don't need it.  "Please don't think you can "just quit".  You may be able to but you may then struggle unnecessarily.  Don't just ask what's going and know and understand your quit.

That's all.  I just needed to say that.  Have a blessed day, my friends!  Sheri


Fluff the Tutu

Posted by Dancingthrulife_6.4.13 Oct 17, 2015

~~Don't let life discourage you.  Just fluff out your tutu and dance away.~~  Unknown


Not such a silly concept really.  Be light-hearted.  Feel the joy.  Live happy.

Haven't smoked in an hour?  Sing!!

Haven't thought about a cigarette in awhile?  Whoop it up!!

And during those times when life isn't so pleasant?  When stress is creeping up?  When others seem to be annoyed and bothered by you?  Thumb your nose at it and fluff out that tutu!!

Dance away!!  Make life chase you.  Be so busy having a good day that you don't even notice the temptations for feeling sorry for yourself.  Be so mindful of your blessings that you forget life isn't fair.

Even more, find those who will dance with you.  Embrace those who bring out your inner child.  Delight in those who giggle with you. 

Because the gigglers are waiting for you.  Your tutu is hung and your inner child is dancing at the door....let her out!! 

Quitting is a joy!!  No one who has quit smoking as EVER regretted it.  Don't allow life to make quitting a chore.  Don't allow your mind to trick you into thinking its impossible.  You can.  Of course you can!!  Stop doubting and crank up the with life!!  Because of course you can.  Sheri

~~Life is about finding out who you are while enjoying the journey to get there.~~ Abhishak Tiwari

I've decided over the years of 'quit, fail, quit, fail, quit, relapse' that anyone can quit.  It's simply a matter of not smoking.  But to maintain an addict free life, I've had to do more than quit.  I've had to go those extra steps to create a life for myself that didn't include WANTING to smoke....WANTING to hide....WANTING to escape.  Because I did all those things over and over and over again.

This time, I am so enjoying the journey to finding out who I am!  I created my world, my way.  I focused on the things I liked, the things I wanted to explore, and the things I was good at.....and poof!!!  My quit became a balance of all the things I love and all the things I have yet to discover about myself.  None of it is bad or negative or hurtful.

Not to say that I don't have bad days.  Its just life.  But when I do, my mind immediately turns to things I love such as yoga or writing or family hugs rather than...."I wish I had a cigarette".  I still get stressed but I don't get road rage or have the urge to smoke through the stress.  Now I come home to my totally lovely house and dance or sing or play with my neighbor's cat.

You see, life really is all about you.  About discovering who you are.  And deep down, you are brilliant.  Deep down, you are delightful.  Deep down, you are a master.  All you have to do is start peeling away all those smoke-filled, emotion avoiding layers to find the amazingly stunning you.

So when you feel the urge to smoke, start writing down the things you love.  Hobbies, books, classes, items...whatever they are!  Write them down and begin to surround yourself with them.  Do them, touch them, try them.  Each and every day.  And then watch what happens.  Because you will begin to what more of that.  The joy, the peace, the delight.  And the more you want of the positive stuff, the less you will even think of the harmful things. 

I wish you all nothing but the joy in knowing who you really are :)  Because I can promise you, you are truly remarkable.  Sheri

~~Her life changed the day she learned that she was just as valuabel as everyone else.~~  Unknown

Knowing this truly does change your life.  Because when you know how much you matter to the world, you begin to see yourself in a different light.  You begin to think nice things about yourself.  Maybe you do deserve that new dress......maybe taking ten minutes to watch the sunrise isn't such a bad idea......maybe you really can't paint your bedroom that lovely shade of green you've wanted for so long.....and maybe......

Maybe you can stop smoking.  Maybe you deserve to smell pretty.  Maybe you deserve to be healthier.  Maybe the world needs you a little longer.  Maybe you can do this.

Maybe you can get through those first few days of intense cravings.  Maybe they won't kill you.....and maybe you will find positive things to do with yourself during those more uncomfortable moments.  Maybe you like yoga.  Maybe you are a painter at heart.  Maybe you don't even know the brilliance inside you yet.....but by quitting, you have a chance to discover it......

And maybe.....just maybe.....for the first time in your adult see yourself as a non smoker.  Maybe you finally feel that hope that you can do this.  Maybe you recognize your own worth now......and maybe it makes you smile.

I hope you do.  I hope you see your own worth.  I hope you know you matter to the world.  And I hope you know that you deserve a smoke free life.  EVERYTHING is better when you quit smoking.  And you can.  I know it.  Find your brilliance because its there...waiting for you :)