Celebrate the Moments

Blog Post created by Dancingthrulife_6.4.13 on Aug 30, 2015

~~Enjoy life's every moment for none of them will ever happen the same way again.~~  Unknown

I guess I'm considered an "elder".  I am a member of the triple digit club.  And in 150+ days, I will be at 1000 days.  Do I count them?  Of course I do!!  But I don't wait for a "milestone" before I celebrate and I don't look so far ahead that I don't gleefully  enjoy exactly where I am.

I did the same thing at day 1.  I patted myself on the back for quitting cold turkey.  I told my amazing children that I hadn't smoked.  We danced a bit of a jig.  I did not feel at 100% but I can at least say I marvelled at each moment I lived smoke free. 

Please don't wait to celebrate your quit.  Don't look towards that "magic number"....that gigantic milestone....that special day.  Today is a special day.  You haven't smoked.  You should be dancing, my friends.....so many smokers wish they were in your shoes :) 

Each moment matters.  You matter.  Celebrate your quit and celebrate life!  This moment will not come again so make sure you appreciate how lovely it is. And every minute you don't smoke is a lovely moment.

I don't wait for my celebrations.  I do, however, appreciate those numbers.  Because I earned them.  I nutured them.   I created each of my smoke free moments.  You can do the same!  You ARE doing the same.  I hope you celebrate.  Every moment.  Every breath.  Every day.  Sheri