Living Your Truth

Blog Post created by Dancingthrulife_6.4.13 on Aug 23, 2015

~~She stopped pretending and finally allowed herself to walk around the world as she honestly was.  Feelings of relief and peacefulness overwhelmed her.  She had set herself free.~~  Queenism

I often have my head in the clouds.  I belief we need to take care of each other here on earth.  I am outspoken.  I love my yoga, music, and family.  I can't paint at all although I try every now and then in case my talent suddenly erupts.

I found myself when I quit smoking.  I didn't want to stuggle with cravings and breaking those smoking habits so I turned to doing things I enjoyed.  And I found myself.  That self that was buried beneath the smoke and the negativity and the not liking myself addict. 

Quitting was an amazing gift.  I will cherish it every day of my life because I not only recovered from a deadly addiction but I set myself free!  I now live my truth and I am happy.  Life may still be a rollercoaster but I am safey strapped in and will not fall.  I can, instead, thrill at the dips and turns.  I've got this!!

So, how about you?  Do you live your truth?  Do you know who you really are?  Do you like you?  I hope so.  Hidden within the doubts and the fear and the uncertainty of the unknown is a warrior!  A wild, courageous, briliant soul waiting to break free.  The true you. 

May you find yourself.  May you live your truth.  May you always know the joy of living your life honestly and with great abandon!  And may your quit lead your way......Sheri