Applauding You

Blog Post created by Dancingthrulife_6.4.13 on Aug 20, 2015

~~Fall in love with yourself, every damn day.  Appreciate your gifts.  Marvel at your efforts.  And, most importantly, applaud your existence.~~  Unknown

I do.  Applaud your existence, I mean.  Because without you, I would be a little less happy.  A little less motivated.  A little less kind.  So I applaud your existence because you make me a better person.  Because you bring unique talents to the world.  Because you gift us with your words...with your thoughts....with a glimpse of your world.

And so I applaud.  And I appreciate your gifts.  And I truly marvel at all the strength and heroism I see here.  And I thank you for sharing.  I thank you for inspiring.  And I thank you for allowing me to enjoy watching you shine.

But do you love you?  Do you see your gifts?  Do you applaud your existence?  Or, instead....do you wish for more?  Do you strive for perfection?  Do you agonize over your mistakes? 

Please learn to celebrate you.  Learn to embrace your imperfections.  Learn to enjoy who you are rather than wait to "get better".  Because once you love who you are....you treat yourself a little more gently.  You begin to care about yourself a little more.  You start to look at improving the already delightful you in a healthier way.  Quitting smoking.....getting healthy....becoming active.  All those things you know you SHOULD do suddenly become things you actually WANT to do. 

The world then sighs in contentment and smiles.  You finally get it!  Moving forward becomes something to look forward to each day.  While there are still bumps in the road, you brace for the bumps and continue on your journey without the bruising.  Life is as it should be.....beautifully imperfect. 

Please...applaud your existence!!  And fall in love with yourself.  You are truly amazing!