So I Write

Blog Post created by Dancingthrulife_6.4.13 on Aug 15, 2015

~~Do not regret growing older.  It is a privilege denied to many.~~  Unknown

So much emotion here on ex.  So many personalities, so many opinions.  Hurt feelings sometimes.  Anger other times.  But always....ALWAYS so much heart.

I cannot speak for anyone else.  Elders, newbies, professionals, etc......I only speak for me.  Because I respect each of you enough to not assume your thoughts, your feelings, or your opinions.  I may ask, I may listen, I may interact, but I never assume.

Rather, I come to offer some words of encouragement.  To offer some hope.  To remind you that life is precious.  And so are you.

I read often, even when I don't blog.  I read often even when I don't speak to anyone.  I read because I care.  I care that everyone is heard.  I care that no one feels alone.  I care that each of you had the tools you need to quit.

I don't mix much.  Not because I don't care.  Not because I am snotty or better than anyone.  I don't mix much because so many here already mix...and do it with the grace, knowledge, skill that I don't have. 

So I write.  Every once in awhile.  I hope I leave you with something that helps, something that comforts, or something that warms your heart.  Only a very small part of what you need, perhaps, but a part nontheless.

May you learn to embrace your precious, precious quit.  May you gain insight into who you really are.  And most of all, may you truly live each moment of life. 

I am hoping you are safely tucked into bed, sweetly dreaming of growing older with grace and wisdom.    Just my thoughts for the evening....Sheri