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~~Enjoy life's every moment for none of them will ever happen the same way again.~~  Unknown

I guess I'm considered an "elder".  I am a member of the triple digit club.  And in 150+ days, I will be at 1000 days.  Do I count them?  Of course I do!!  But I don't wait for a "milestone" before I celebrate and I don't look so far ahead that I don't gleefully  enjoy exactly where I am.

I did the same thing at day 1.  I patted myself on the back for quitting cold turkey.  I told my amazing children that I hadn't smoked.  We danced a bit of a jig.  I did not feel at 100% but I can at least say I marvelled at each moment I lived smoke free. 

Please don't wait to celebrate your quit.  Don't look towards that "magic number"....that gigantic milestone....that special day.  Today is a special day.  You haven't smoked.  You should be dancing, my many smokers wish they were in your shoes :) 

Each moment matters.  You matter.  Celebrate your quit and celebrate life!  This moment will not come again so make sure you appreciate how lovely it is. And every minute you don't smoke is a lovely moment.

I don't wait for my celebrations.  I do, however, appreciate those numbers.  Because I earned them.  I nutured them.   I created each of my smoke free moments.  You can do the same!  You ARE doing the same.  I hope you celebrate.  Every moment.  Every breath.  Every day.  Sheri

~~Owning our story and loving ourselves through that process is the bravest thing that we will ever do.~~  Brene Brown

I've often said that we need to own our quit.  Not hope for it, or dream about it, or try it, but own it!  We create it through education, knowledge, and knowing ourselves well enough to know what we can allow in our lives during this vulnerable time and what we can't.

And then we need to love ourselves.  We need to take care of ourselves like we take care of our family, friends, co-workers...and anyone else we feel needs nurturing.  Please, please do that for yourself!!  If you need to cry, cry.  If you need help, ask for it.  If you need a twinkie, do an extra lap around the house if you are worried about gaining weight.  Just love yourself enough to own your quit no matter if the world falls down around you.  Dodge the pieces and continue with your precious, life saving quit.

I don't know who said it, but I love "I wish I could show you, when you are lonely or in darkness, the astonishing light of your own being".  Just because you are having a bad day does not mean your astonishing light had dimmed.  It may just mean you need someone to remind you it's there.  That's ok.  I am telling is there and it is amazing!!  Each one of you glows with a uniquely lovely light that the world needs to see things more clearly.  And when you own your story, you shine that light.

We are so much more than our quits.  Our stories are so much thicker than our quits.  But it is triumph over our addiction that gives us hope that we can own our stories.  We may need to always be aware of our potential to relapse, but we also need always to be aware that there is power in us to overcome.  Own your quit, own your story.  It's the bravest thing you'll ever do.  Sheri

~~She stopped pretending and finally allowed herself to walk around the world as she honestly was.  Feelings of relief and peacefulness overwhelmed her.  She had set herself free.~~  Queenism

I often have my head in the clouds.  I belief we need to take care of each other here on earth.  I am outspoken.  I love my yoga, music, and family.  I can't paint at all although I try every now and then in case my talent suddenly erupts.

I found myself when I quit smoking.  I didn't want to stuggle with cravings and breaking those smoking habits so I turned to doing things I enjoyed.  And I found myself.  That self that was buried beneath the smoke and the negativity and the not liking myself addict. 

Quitting was an amazing gift.  I will cherish it every day of my life because I not only recovered from a deadly addiction but I set myself free!  I now live my truth and I am happy.  Life may still be a rollercoaster but I am safey strapped in and will not fall.  I can, instead, thrill at the dips and turns.  I've got this!!

So, how about you?  Do you live your truth?  Do you know who you really are?  Do you like you?  I hope so.  Hidden within the doubts and the fear and the uncertainty of the unknown is a warrior!  A wild, courageous, briliant soul waiting to break free.  The true you. 

May you find yourself.  May you live your truth.  May you always know the joy of living your life honestly and with great abandon!  And may your quit lead your way......Sheri


Applauding You

Posted by Dancingthrulife_6.4.13 Aug 20, 2015

~~Fall in love with yourself, every damn day.  Appreciate your gifts.  Marvel at your efforts.  And, most importantly, applaud your existence.~~  Unknown

I do.  Applaud your existence, I mean.  Because without you, I would be a little less happy.  A little less motivated.  A little less kind.  So I applaud your existence because you make me a better person.  Because you bring unique talents to the world.  Because you gift us with your words...with your thoughts....with a glimpse of your world.

And so I applaud.  And I appreciate your gifts.  And I truly marvel at all the strength and heroism I see here.  And I thank you for sharing.  I thank you for inspiring.  And I thank you for allowing me to enjoy watching you shine.

But do you love you?  Do you see your gifts?  Do you applaud your existence?  Or, you wish for more?  Do you strive for perfection?  Do you agonize over your mistakes? 

Please learn to celebrate you.  Learn to embrace your imperfections.  Learn to enjoy who you are rather than wait to "get better".  Because once you love who you treat yourself a little more gently.  You begin to care about yourself a little more.  You start to look at improving the already delightful you in a healthier way.  Quitting smoking.....getting healthy....becoming active.  All those things you know you SHOULD do suddenly become things you actually WANT to do. 

The world then sighs in contentment and smiles.  You finally get it!  Moving forward becomes something to look forward to each day.  While there are still bumps in the road, you brace for the bumps and continue on your journey without the bruising.  Life is as it should be.....beautifully imperfect. 

Please...applaud your existence!!  And fall in love with yourself.  You are truly amazing!


So I Write

Posted by Dancingthrulife_6.4.13 Aug 15, 2015

~~Do not regret growing older.  It is a privilege denied to many.~~  Unknown

So much emotion here on ex.  So many personalities, so many opinions.  Hurt feelings sometimes.  Anger other times.  But always....ALWAYS so much heart.

I cannot speak for anyone else.  Elders, newbies, professionals, etc......I only speak for me.  Because I respect each of you enough to not assume your thoughts, your feelings, or your opinions.  I may ask, I may listen, I may interact, but I never assume.

Rather, I come to offer some words of encouragement.  To offer some hope.  To remind you that life is precious.  And so are you.

I read often, even when I don't blog.  I read often even when I don't speak to anyone.  I read because I care.  I care that everyone is heard.  I care that no one feels alone.  I care that each of you had the tools you need to quit.

I don't mix much.  Not because I don't care.  Not because I am snotty or better than anyone.  I don't mix much because so many here already mix...and do it with the grace, knowledge, skill that I don't have. 

So I write.  Every once in awhile.  I hope I leave you with something that helps, something that comforts, or something that warms your heart.  Only a very small part of what you need, perhaps, but a part nontheless.

May you learn to embrace your precious, precious quit.  May you gain insight into who you really are.  And most of all, may you truly live each moment of life. 

I am hoping you are safely tucked into bed, sweetly dreaming of growing older with grace and wisdom.    Just my thoughts for the evening....Sheri

~~We do not believe in ourselves until someone reveals that deep inside us something is valuable, worth listening to, worthy of our trust, sacred to our touch.  Once we believe in ourselves, we can risk curiousity, wonder, spontaneous delight or any experience that reveals the human spirit.~~  ee cummings

Do you believe in yourself?  You should.  Do you think you are worth listening to?  You are.  Are you valuable?  I can promise you....absolutely!!

We all have those skeletons we don't want others to see.  We all have those "oops" moments we wish never happened.  We often even hide not just from others but from ourselves.

And then we fall back on our addiction to.....'cope' 'de-stress' 'regain our balance'.  Of course we KNOW smoking doesn't do any of that....but better the comfort of what we know than the looming darkness of the unknown.  Right? 

How silly.  You, my friend, are so much more than an addict waiting to relapse!!  You are a gift to this world.  And this world is waiting for you to become who you truly are.  You just need to believe in yourself.  Because then you have to know you matter!  You have to know that you are valuable!  You will feel that lightness that comes with releasing yourself from the burdens of all that guilt you carry......that shame....those feelings that you are nothing.

Believe in yourself.  Listen to your inner voice and allow your spirit to light your path.  Know that there is wonder in the world just waiting for you......adventure, laughter, and life.  You just have to believe :) 

Have a lovely week-end!!  Sheri