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A Friday night laugh for all my friends.....

~~If showing up in a robe and tiara with box of wine is wrong, then maybe I don't fully comprehend how Casual Friday actually works.~~


~~I tried to be normal once.  It was the worst five minutes of my life!!~~

Anyone else have a funny?

~~Take care of your body.  It's the only place you have to live.~~  Unknown

I failed at this for so long.  Many of us do, I know.  We are stressed, we are busy, and heaven knows we deserve that......that cake, that beer, that cigarette, that couch time, that fried food, etc....etc.....

My body finally screamed, "ENOUGH!!"  I was tired, I was weak, and I was simply dabbling at my health.  So I started to pay attention.......

I didn't stop eating the things I loved....but I added healthy food as well.  I never worked up a sweat, but I did my yoga daily.  I slept...well.  I took vitamins.  I got sunlght (vitamin D).  I laughed often.

And it got sooooo much easier!  I began to listen to my body.  If it wanted water, I drank water.  If it wanted sleep, I slept.  If it needed carrots, I ate carrots. 

I grew strong.  I dropped inches and pounds, of course, but even more than that, I gained balance, strength, and energy.  Now?  My body sings when I do my yoga!!  My body grins when I drink water!!  And when my body is happy, so is my mind, my spirit, my world.

Do I make it sound too easy?  It truly can be, you know, when you don't put pressure on yourself.  I wasn't going to lose 20 pounds in 20 days.  I wasn't looking to starve myself or push myself to my limits.  I just wanted to change.....a bit daily....little by little...gain some health....find some know?

Now my body sings.  I dance through the day.  I hop.  I skip.  I look healthy and I am proud of myself.  These changes have happened over the course of 780 days today.  Slowly but steady until good habits were formed without me even trying. 

I am not bragging.  I want you to know that you are not alone in thinking that you are.....too old.....too heavy....too sick....too addicted to ever change.  I did, too.  But don't believe that you don't deserve it!!  On the contrary, who deserves it more???

Remember?  I've been telling you that you matter to the world.  You are unique and bring something to us all that we would not have EVER if you weren't here.  You are, in fact, a miracle.  And you are so worth it.

Take the time.  Little by little.  Make the small changes that will keep you looking and feeling healthy.  Let go of all that negative thinking.....addictive thinking.....and treat yourself like the most precious thing in the world.  Because you are!!

I can promise you that every little thing you do for your good health matters!!  Listen to your body.  It doesn't lie.  Love it and you can live in it for a long, long time.  And please don't forget to have fun with it!! Laughter is the best medicine :)   Much love to you all, Sheri

~~And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music.~~  Friedrich Nietzsche

I dance.  Outside on the curb like Gene Kelly in "Singing in the Rain".  Down aisle 11 in Wal-Mart.  People who know me indulge me.  Its part of who I am.  It makes me happy.  And those who love me, love to see me happy.  They don't care that I dance, they encourage it!

Yet there are those who don't hear the music. Does that mean I should stop dancing?  Of course not!!  I may grab their hand and encourage them to dance with me.  Some do and love it!  Others look horrified and scuttle away with their WalMart carts full of indignation and superiority.

Well, that's ok.  Truly.  We are all made differently....uniquely.  But even so, we are all made to have passions in life.  Those things that help us scrape life's negative goop from our shoes so we can continue on our journeys.....

So what makes you happy?  Is it dancing?  Is it gardening?  Is it listening to your favorite music?  Is it baking?  What makes your heart sing? Find it and delight in it and use it with joy!!

Because, you see, its so much easier to quit ease work our way out of depression.....when we focus on what we love.  What we truly shine at.  What makes us sparkle. 

I dance.  And I will continue to dance no matter how insane I am thought to be by those who don't hear the music.  And I will continue to hope that they find their passion...their that they too will be able to scrape the goop from their shoes and shine on. 

~~She woke up on a Monday with the week stretching long ahead of her and she decided, "I'm going to live the heck out of this week."  She was woman enough to make that choice.~~  Queenisms

Why do anything else?!  Now I guess some of us wake up dreading the day.  Maybe work isn't going well.  Maybe a relationship is on its last leg.  Maybe you just quit smoking and you are afraid of the "nicodemon".  Maybe....maybe.....maybe.....

This is my third career move in a year.  I am estranged from some family.  My car is causing me problems.  My son is turning 13 next month.  I cut the grass today in 95 degree heat.

But oh, my gosh is my life amazing!!!  My house reflects my personality.  My friends truly enjoy my company.  I love helping people even if it's just paying for the car behind me in a drive thru.  I feel blessed, very grateful, and can't wait to see around the corner!!  You never know just how wonderful the day can get :)

Not just for me.  For you as well.  You don't have to wait in fear for the nicodemon.  You don't have to dwell on your pain in the butt boss or wait for the pangs of loneliness you know will hit sometime soon.  Instead, live the heck out of your day!!

Do a random act of kindness.  Dance down aisle 11 in WalMart.  Sing.  Blow bubbles.  Be a friend.  Watch the birds.  Plant some flowers.  Be thankful.  Count your blessings.  Paint a picture...who cares if it's "good"?!  Go shopping with that last $5.  Have a Coke float and don't worry about the calories.  Dye your hair.  Wash your windows and appreciate the sparkle.  Hug a stranger.  Climb a tree.  Play hopscotch.  Eat a peach and let the juice dribble down your chin.  Enjoy the freedom of not needing a cigarette.  Celebrate every hour you don't smoke.  Ask your kids to smell you and say how lovely you smell.  Stand on your head.  Buy flowers for someone in a nursing home and take them personally.  De clutter your house....or at least that 'junk' drawer in the kitchen.  Meet someone new.  Say hi.  Tell someone you like their outfit. 

Of course I could go on.  I live the heck out of life myself :)  And I go to bed happy.  Wake up with anticipation.  And never, ever forget to celebrate my lovely 774 day quit.  Because it freed me.  It truly did.  And I hope that through those times of struggle or through those times of breaking the smoking cycle, you remember that you have the ability to live the heck out of your life!  So live through the tough times by continuing to enjoy all the fun, positive, good in your life as well.  You were born to sparkle :)  Sheri

~~One day, she remembered that the only person who could make her happy was herself, so she took back her power, re-claimed her place in the world, and shined like never before!~~ Unknown

Everyone has a place in the world.  Everyone has the opportunity to shine in different ways.  But it's those who know their place in the world who tend to radiate a lovely glow of happiness.  And knowing your place has nothing to do with money or looks or cars or things.  Knowing your place, in fact, has nothing at all to do with outside gifts or influences.

Its all about the inside.  Its about feeling good about who you are.  Its about loving yourself.  Its about accepting your flaws.  Its about celebrating your imperfections.  Its about knowing who are....the good, the delightful, the silly, the best, the worst.

And when that happens, the shine begins!!  Everything that was going on inside yourself now blossoms outside.  You eyes sparkle with the joy you feel inside.  Your skin glows.  Your smile is lovely.  Your whole being seems to glow because you have re-claimed your place in the world.  Inner beauty cannot be contained.  It shines.

So it's time to take back your power and remember that the only person who can make you happy  Delight in yourself!!  Celebrate you daily!!  When you do, you are going to find your struggles ease.  Not because your problems magically disappear, but because your helplessness, your uncertainty, your fear have all  been pushed aside by your confidence, your strength, your courage. 

I hope you understand how amazing you can be.  I hope you recognize what a true miracle you are.  I see it in your blogs, I read it in your words.  It's there, my friends.  Enjoy being you.   Sheri

~~She was done thinking of her life as a difficult and scary struggle.  She decided to shift her thinking and call her life what it was, a rip-roaring adventure being led by a bold, daring, and pretty nifty woman.~~  Queenisms

And what an adventure it has turned out to be!!  I love my life!!  Correction....I love my smoke free life!  All 760 something days of it.  It has ups and downs, twists and turns, unexpected gifts and unwanted challenges, all of which I am able to handle with pizzazz and flair.  Just who I am now.

Who I am now is so far removed from who I used to be.  We all grow up, I know.  We all mature.  We all gain knowledge, wisdom, experience.  But I think that when we actually let go of the illusion that life is difficult or scary or hard, we actually soar in a way not possible before.  Because fear holds us firmly in place.  We don't move forward when we are paralyzed by it.  We tend not to be bold when we find life a struggle.  When we battle daily with these struggles, we tend to be too exhausted and bruised to do anything but try again tomorrow.

But when we shift our thinking and see our lives as adventures......when we rise to the challenge of attacking life with enthusiasm and delight....when we believe we are pretty nifty individuals capable of remarkable, amazing feats....we become warriors rather than victims.  Bold rather than timid.  Daring rather than scared.

Quit smoking???  Oh, yes, my friends, you can!!!  Of course you can!!!  You are bold and daring!!  You are an adventurer!!  And a pretty nifty individual, to boot :) 

Enjoy the journey, my friends!!  Sheri


Thanks to You

Posted by Dancingthrulife_6.4.13 Jul 2, 2015

~~When you give compassion to what lurks in the shadow of yourself, the awe of knowing who you are begins....~~  Unknown

My life is truly blessed and I have been so enjoying each day!!  I needed to come back and thank those who have supported and helped and encouraged me on my quit because without you, I would have continued the struggle.  You all mean the world to me!!  If you ever, ever need me, I will be here for you!!

I am still growing, still taking chances at new opportunities, still delighting in the knowledge that I can be happy every day!!  I surround myself with my ideas of beauty.  I hold close those people who bring out the best in me and love me when I'm not my best.  I stay busy loving life.  Creating.  Just being.  Enjoying getting to know who I am.

I will not be blogging like I used to.  But I will be here.  I appreciate this site and love the people here and I try to give back where I can.  Because its all about paying it forward.  Because it's all about appreciating what I've been given.  Because each one of you here has the opportunity to do the same.  Don't think people don't care.  Don't think you've been forgotten.  Don't think you aren't worth the effort.  You are vital.

Lol....sorry.  Its part of who I am :)  Thank you again to those who have stuck by me at my worst and my best.  It is because of you I am in a good place today.  And so I remain grateful.

ps-No comments allowed simply because I just wanted to thank ex members.  That's all :)

~~And the day came when the risk to remain tight to a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.~~  Anais Nin

It's time to blossom!!  It's time to turn towards the sun and feel the warmth spread through you as you open yourself up to life.  Its time to let go of the pain of holding on to what you know and risk the possibilities of the unknown.

That means you may be ready to put the cigarettes down.  You may be tired of struggling between knowing you need to quit and thinking that you can't.  You may be burdened with the guilt that smoking brings or feeling physically unwell.  With the pull and tug of wanting/needing to quit and yet wanting to smoke, it's time for a change.  Its time for you to risk quitting.

The relief of that decision is the first positive, healing step in blossoming into who you were always meant to be.  And it is a relief to decide it's time.  And its a relief to stop struggling.  Its a relief to begin another journey.  A smoke free journey where the REAL you begins to blossom.  You have more time to develop talents, relationships, and skills.  You have more money to spend on things you love.  You have more confidence.  You simply smell delightful :) 

Yep, its time to risk that smoke free journey.  You have absolutely nothing to lose and absolutely everything to gain.  Time to blossom, my friends!!  May you realize your worth.