Breathe and Create

Blog Post created by Dancingthrulife_6.4.13 on Jun 16, 2015

~~You need to grab life.  You only get one turn.  One ride.  One trip through the universe.~~  Kristen Tracy

Life gave you another opportunity today to:

*  try something new

*  breathe

* create

* love

* laugh

* forgive

In you are spending your time thinking about how much you miss smoking.....how you NEED a cigarette....how stressed you are without smoking, you are missing all life is offering you.

Let go of that active addiction and ease into the joy of recovery.  Let go of that constant battle and eagerly grasp at life.  Release yourself from the chains of addiction and embrace the you hidden within that addiction.

I bet you are funny.  I bet you are sweet.  I bet you are crative or gentle or precious or kind.  And I bet you haven't thought about yourself in terms like that in quite awhile.  Smoking truly can take over your life and addiction clouds not only the air but also your judgment.  And you deserve so much more than that!

So if life offers you the opportunity to:

* try something new

* breathe


* love

* laugh

* forgive

then do it!!  Live life fully!!  Let go of your addiction and release yourself from the slavery of nicotine.  Learn who you really are and then love yourself with all the joy you possess!  Because life isn't about being a slave to nicotine, life is about you...and becoming who you were always meant to be.

Enjoy yourself!  Sheri