Embracing Me

Blog Post created by Dancingthrulife_6.4.13 on Apr 27, 2015
~~Don't let someone dim your light simply because it is shining in their eyes.~~ Unknown I often read here about how someone's feelings were hurt because a loved one did not support their quit. Words like "what, again?" instead of "good for you!" I used to react to others' thoughtless or negative words. I used to tear up or hesitate to move ahead. Cruel words used to stop me from really living how I should have been living all along. What changed me? I quit smoking. I took ownership of my life...my thoughts, my moods, my behaviors!! No one could "make me" be or feel anything I didn't want to be or feel. I took back my power. And haven't given it up since. You don't have to like me...you don't have to agree with me...and you don't have to even listen to me. I'm ok with that. My path is mine...your path is yours. I have found what works for me. Have you? I hope so!! Because the world is waiting for you to find yourself...to embrace your gifts...and to bring your unique talents to light. Please don't allow anyone to dim that beautiful light of yours. Own it. Care for it. Cherish it. You are precious. Happy Monday...a day of wonderful beginnings!! Sheri