Something Fabulous Is Out There

Blog Post created by Dancingthrulife_6.4.13 on Apr 12, 2015

~~Something fabulous is out there.  Taking shape.  Emerging.  Peeking.  Calling your name.~~ Unknown


It's true, you know.  Something fabulous is waiting just for you.  Waiting for you to notice.  Waiting for you to want it.  Waiting for you to find it.

Qutting smoking isn't just about not picking up another cigarette.  It isn't just about recovering from your nicotine addiction.  It is so much more.

Quitting is about finding out who you really are!!  Quitting is about finding out that you are more wonderful, more fabulous than you ever imagined!!  Quitting is about coming out from the darkness of your addiction and into the light of living.

You may not believe me right now.  You may think I'm exaggerating.  You may think I'm too positive.  But that's because....just maybe.....you still haven't figured out exactly how addiction works.  And it works in a cunning, horrible way because it isolates you, it numbs you, it makes you totally focused on needing that fix.

Once you figure that out, you will never want to go back. 

Yes, life can get difficult....but you will be able to handle it.  Yes, you will feel stress, but you will be able to handle it.

You will be able to handle it because  you will love yourself more, treasure yourself more, and feel more confident and in control.  You will start to see yourself as you really are.....beautiful, kind, intelligent, valuable.  Fabulous things are waiting for you!! 

May you start understanding what quitting is really all about :)