The Miracle of Healing

Blog Post created by Dancingthrulife_6.4.13 on Apr 11, 2015
~~You matter.~~ Unknown In the art of quitting is also the miracle of healing. Lungs, bloodstream, brain, kidneys....the whole of you begins to repair the damage caused by smoking. And whether you've ever thought about it or not, your body knows exactly how to heal. So when you take even one puff of those nasty chemicals, your body has to start all over in the miracle of healing itself. In other words...back to day one of the healing process. Each and every one of us have reasons to quit. Each and every one of us are loved, needed, delighted in by someone in our lives. We matter. So we need to honor ourselves and take good care of ourselves. That includes allowing the miracle of healing to take place. One puff...one cigarette...it doesn't matter. It is still killing our bodies. You matter. Take good care of you. Sheri