Just Believing In Who I Am

Blog Post created by Dancingthrulife_6.4.13 on Apr 9, 2015

~~Confidence is something you create within yourself by believing in who you are.~~  Unknown


I was in a conference for the past two days.  During "breaks", I would step outside to warm up as the air conditioning was on "freeze" and I naturally bumped into the smokers of the group.  No, I didn't feel bad for them.  No, I didn't wish they'd quit.  No, I didn't wrinkle my nose and walk away.

I rejoiced.....quietly.....that I didn't do that anymore.  I thrilled that I didn't do that anymore.  I shared with my friends that it was like celebrating each quit day all over again......I was happy, grateful.  Danced all the way back to my seat :)

But even more than being happy about my quit, I realized that I don't worry about anyone else.  I don't worry about me.  I don't worry about numbers.  I don't worry....period.

I believe in who I am....and who I am is delightful!  I am an amazing personality, really.  Lol...not full of myself by any means, I just mean that I can do anything I choose to do....be anything I want to be.....feel anyway I want to feel......and how cool is that?  I am not lead by my addiction, I am not hampered by my addiction, I don't think about my addiction.  From someone who was a diehard smoker, that is pretty cool!

I am not worried about your addiction, either.  Because you have the same choices as we all do.  You can quit.  You can leave it behind.  You can get through it, get beyond it......and believe in who you are.  Confidence, my friends, is a lovely thing!  And it builds and it grows and it becomes stronger each day I don't worry about things.  I can get through and get beyond anything!!

So if you're worried about quitting, don't.  If you're worried about that quit clock, don't. Stop fighting your addiction and just quit. Know in your heart that you can do anything in life you chose to do.  Feel the confidence in putting them down.  Feel the power in not smoking.....day by day or minute by minute or second by second.  However you can get through it and beyond it.

Long blog...and I apologize!  I was just so thrilled today I wanted to share and hopefully give some comfort to those who don't understand and haven't felt the wonder of a solid quit.  It's there inside you just waiting for you to bring it forth. 

That's all.  Hugs to all!!