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~~Don't ask yourself what the world needs. Ask yourself what makes you come alive and then go do that because what the world needs is people who have come alive.~~ Unknown I used to be soooo busy!! Doing things that people expected. I was a "exceptional" supervisor, "amazing" mother, "dutiful" daughter....and it kept me busy...exhausted...drained...stressed. And smoking. Then I suddenly remembered that I was important, too. I didn't want to die without ever really living "my" life. I explored my likes, dislikes, fears, talents. I discovered that I am a pretty delightful person without having to be everything to everyone. The negatives in my life drifted away and I found joy in me!! You can do the same. You are unique and delightful and marvelous!! And underneath all that stress and frustration and uncertainty beats the heart of a nonsmoker. Because well balanced, content people don't smoke. No one should one deserves that!! Be you!! Find your nonsmoking self and truly come alive! Happy Thursday, all! Much love to you, Sheri

Embracing Me

Posted by Dancingthrulife_6.4.13 Apr 27, 2015
~~Don't let someone dim your light simply because it is shining in their eyes.~~ Unknown I often read here about how someone's feelings were hurt because a loved one did not support their quit. Words like "what, again?" instead of "good for you!" I used to react to others' thoughtless or negative words. I used to tear up or hesitate to move ahead. Cruel words used to stop me from really living how I should have been living all along. What changed me? I quit smoking. I took ownership of my thoughts, my moods, my behaviors!! No one could "make me" be or feel anything I didn't want to be or feel. I took back my power. And haven't given it up since. You don't have to like don't have to agree with me...and you don't have to even listen to me. I'm ok with that. My path is mine...your path is yours. I have found what works for me. Have you? I hope so!! Because the world is waiting for you to find embrace your gifts...and to bring your unique talents to light. Please don't allow anyone to dim that beautiful light of yours. Own it. Care for it. Cherish it. You are precious. Happy Monday...a day of wonderful beginnings!! Sheri
~~Life is one grand, sweet song, so start the music.~~ Ronald Reagan Did you wake up this morning? Then God has gifted you with another day. What do you plan to do with your gift? * Explore who you are? * Discover your hidden talents? * Volunteer your time? * Spend time in nature? Or are you going to waste the whole day focusing on your addiction until you make it so big in your mind that its all you can think about? Your choice, of course. I want to focus on my Jake. My friends. My town. My talents. I have no time to think about smoking. Enjoy this precious gift of life!! Today will never come again. Sheri
~~Love yourself. Accept yourself. Forgive yourself and be good to yourself because without you the rest of us are without a source of many wonderful things.~~ Unknown Why are we so hard on ourselves? We apologize for feeling...good...bad...angry. We wonder why things aren't getting better and then we find reasons to question our happiness. Too stressed...too fat...too seems like we are searching for...perfection. Give up the search!! You ARE perfect!! You are exactly what the world needs!! There is no one else who brings such light to our lives! So please ease up on yourself. Take gentle care of you. You deserve deserve peace. Be ok with who you are. Be ok with being less than perfect. Be you. Quitting is only part of your journey. You are so much more than a cigarette...or a lack of one. Please remember that. Treat yourself well. Just needed to say that tonight. Sheri

Someday Is Now

Posted by Dancingthrulife_6.4.13 Apr 24, 2015
~~Someday is not a day of the week.~~ Stop waiting. Stop hoping it will magically get easier. Stop thinking it will be hard. Just quit. Understand that you will go through withdrawal. Know that you will have good days and bad days....but you have them anyway :) You can do it. Of course you can! Just don't smoke ever again. Don't even think about it. If you crave...if you stress...if you feel anything else. Because once you quit, you don't smoke anymore. Period. 'Nuff said. Enjoy your new and improved life!! Because it will be. And it gets better day by smoke free day. Sheri

~~I believe in the person I want to become.~~  Unknown

That's what motivated my quit.  Believing that I was better than being just a smoker who pretended to live.  Who pretended that smoking wasn't running my routine.

684 days ago I quit.  And I have been on cloud 9 ever since!!  The joy in each!!  The time spent with family....priceless!!  The freedom from addiction....miraculous!!

I hope you find it in yourself to believe in the person you want to become.  You are an amazing soul who deserves a life full of good things.  Because overall, life is good.  Even in my worst moments since I quit smoking, I have found reasons to feel  Nothing in my life is "all bad". 

So love yourself enough to quit.  Know that the discomfort is temporary and will lessen each day you chose to be positive, hopeful, and kind to yourself.  Believe in the person you want to become.

And most of all, know.....way down in your heart....that you deserve so much more than your addicted self will ever allow you to have!!  You need to let go in order to gain everything!!

My thoughts and prayers are always with you here.....gentle hugs to all of you :)



~~Something fabulous is out there.  Taking shape.  Emerging.  Peeking.  Calling your name.~~ Unknown


It's true, you know.  Something fabulous is waiting just for you.  Waiting for you to notice.  Waiting for you to want it.  Waiting for you to find it.

Qutting smoking isn't just about not picking up another cigarette.  It isn't just about recovering from your nicotine addiction.  It is so much more.

Quitting is about finding out who you really are!!  Quitting is about finding out that you are more wonderful, more fabulous than you ever imagined!!  Quitting is about coming out from the darkness of your addiction and into the light of living.

You may not believe me right now.  You may think I'm exaggerating.  You may think I'm too positive.  But that's because....just still haven't figured out exactly how addiction works.  And it works in a cunning, horrible way because it isolates you, it numbs you, it makes you totally focused on needing that fix.

Once you figure that out, you will never want to go back. 

Yes, life can get difficult....but you will be able to handle it.  Yes, you will feel stress, but you will be able to handle it.

You will be able to handle it because  you will love yourself more, treasure yourself more, and feel more confident and in control.  You will start to see yourself as you really are.....beautiful, kind, intelligent, valuable.  Fabulous things are waiting for you!! 

May you start understanding what quitting is really all about :) 


~~You matter.~~ Unknown In the art of quitting is also the miracle of healing. Lungs, bloodstream, brain, kidneys....the whole of you begins to repair the damage caused by smoking. And whether you've ever thought about it or not, your body knows exactly how to heal. So when you take even one puff of those nasty chemicals, your body has to start all over in the miracle of healing itself. In other words...back to day one of the healing process. Each and every one of us have reasons to quit. Each and every one of us are loved, needed, delighted in by someone in our lives. We matter. So we need to honor ourselves and take good care of ourselves. That includes allowing the miracle of healing to take place. One doesn't matter. It is still killing our bodies. You matter. Take good care of you. Sheri

~~Confidence is something you create within yourself by believing in who you are.~~  Unknown


I was in a conference for the past two days.  During "breaks", I would step outside to warm up as the air conditioning was on "freeze" and I naturally bumped into the smokers of the group.  No, I didn't feel bad for them.  No, I didn't wish they'd quit.  No, I didn't wrinkle my nose and walk away.

I rejoiced.....quietly.....that I didn't do that anymore.  I thrilled that I didn't do that anymore.  I shared with my friends that it was like celebrating each quit day all over again......I was happy, grateful.  Danced all the way back to my seat :)

But even more than being happy about my quit, I realized that I don't worry about anyone else.  I don't worry about me.  I don't worry about numbers.  I don't worry....period.

I believe in who I am....and who I am is delightful!  I am an amazing personality, really.  Lol...not full of myself by any means, I just mean that I can do anything I choose to anything I want to be.....feel anyway I want to feel......and how cool is that?  I am not lead by my addiction, I am not hampered by my addiction, I don't think about my addiction.  From someone who was a diehard smoker, that is pretty cool!

I am not worried about your addiction, either.  Because you have the same choices as we all do.  You can quit.  You can leave it behind.  You can get through it, get beyond it......and believe in who you are.  Confidence, my friends, is a lovely thing!  And it builds and it grows and it becomes stronger each day I don't worry about things.  I can get through and get beyond anything!!

So if you're worried about quitting, don't.  If you're worried about that quit clock, don't. Stop fighting your addiction and just quit. Know in your heart that you can do anything in life you chose to do.  Feel the confidence in putting them down.  Feel the power in not by day or minute by minute or second by second.  However you can get through it and beyond it.

Long blog...and I apologize!  I was just so thrilled today I wanted to share and hopefully give some comfort to those who don't understand and haven't felt the wonder of a solid quit.  It's there inside you just waiting for you to bring it forth. 

That's all.  Hugs to all!!



For RickM

Posted by Dancingthrulife_6.4.13 Apr 3, 2015

~~Everything will be ok in the end.  If it's not ok, its not the end.~~  Unknown


He always told me that I would be ok when I quit.  He supported, he encouraged, he made me laugh.  And most of all, he never, ever gave up on me.....on any of us. 

You earned your quit, Rickie.  You deserve it.  You own it.  And hopefully you will celebrate yourself the way you always celebrate us.

I think you are amazing!  I think you are wonderful!  And you will always, always be my hero :)

I don't know how to post links....but he's here somewhere :)  Please take the time to celebrate RickM.

And Rickie, thank you for believing in me.  And thank you for sticking around!  You are the best!!