Blessings, My Friends

Blog Post created by Dancingthrulife_6.4.13 on Mar 13, 2015

~~The most painful goodbyes are the ones not said and not explained.~~  Unknown


So I am not going to just disappear into the night, I am going to say that some of my most precious memories have been right here with the people who never gave up on me.  How can I say thank you enough?  How can I express my eternal gratitude?

We often speak of this site as a living, breathing community and it is.  The words on this site are brought to life by the people who surround each other with love, with compassion, and with wisdom beyond belief.  The emotions that can be felt through the blogs, the message board comments, the sweet little graphics are a testimony to those who "leave the light on".

There is talent here.....so much brilliant talent!!  Ann, Donna, Sootie....your blogs are often stunning and always, always remarkable.  Tommy, Dale, and Thomas....just as the three wise men, your guidence brings clarity and recovery to those often stumbling in the dark.  Kathy, Linda, Shawn....your glorious light shines the way for those who have lost theirs.  So many others, and please don't be offended if I didn't name you...there is not enough space or time....you mean the world to me!!

But it is time to continue my journey without the foundation of all I've grown to love here.  Sometimes spreading your wings and flying takes you further than you could go while holding on to that foundation.  I leave you with a smile and no tears because you will always reside in my heart.  Even more, several members here know how to get a hold of me so if needed :) 

And for those special exers who always bring kindness.....compassion.....and allow others to shine....Wendy, Moody, Marilyn, Ellen, Storm....there is a special place in heaven for angels like you.  Never forget the good you do!!

May you find peace and joy in your quit....may you find love and laughter in your world!!