Listen to the Whispers

Blog Post created by Dancingthrulife_6.4.13 on Mar 9, 2015

~~To be true, you must embrace the life that's calling you and listen to the whispers in your soul.~~  Unknown

For the longest time, I wasn't.  I wasn't being true to who I was and I wasn't listening to the whispers in my soul.  Too many obligations, too much stress, too ill, too confused.....you name it, I had an excuse for it.

I look back now and just smile.  How silly I was!!  Embracing who I am has totally changed my world.  It is glorious....I am glorious!!  Happy.  Healthy.  Calm.  Serene. 

When you listen to those little whispers in your soul, you begin to move towards that light.....and that magnificant part of you that you didn't even know existed begins to emerge.  Then?  Your world turns magical....miraculous....balanced in a way you never thought possible.

There isn't a day I don't wake up and thank the good Lord for all I have.  There isn't a day I don't appreciate everything I have.  There isn't a day I don't embrace life.  All is good.

Because I am true to myself.  The life that had been calling me for so long....the life I was busy ignoring because I was too busy smoking and feeding that sick, sick addiction.  The addiction that whispers that everything in your life is impossible to handle without cigarettes.  The addiction that whispers the only way to face life is behind that cloud of poisonous smoke. 

In reality, my lovely friends, it wasn't that hard to quit.....just uncomfortable.  Unusual.  Odd.  And it took me completely out of my comfort zone into a world I didn't think I really deserved.  But I did....and I do...deserve this marvelous life.  So do you.  Take everything that is good in your world and make it even better!!  Listen to your true self...embrace that side of you that is longing to burst free and truly live!!  It is the side that loves rather than fears...that glows rather than dims....that is pure joy.  It's there, inside, just waiting.  Go ahead and nurture it, encourage it, explore it.  Its fun!!  And its so very real.

Your life is calling you....listen to the whispers in your soul.

Have a blessed evening,