Everyone Deserves to Sparkle

Blog Post created by Dancingthrulife_6.4.13 on Mar 7, 2015

~~Leave a little sparkle wherever you go.~~  Unknown

Some people make ordinary things extraordinary just by being themselves.  They smile often, bring happy into a room when they enter, and just shine with this invisible kind of energy.  So many of us here have that kind of positive attitude simply by quitting smoking.  Really! 

That easy?  I think so.  When you quit smoking, so many good things start glowing as the haze of smoke clears and you can see more clearly.  For me, I think it was the time I now had to do so many things I always wanted to do.  Precious time.  Full of delight, joy, and fun!!

Health also brings a type of radiant glow that warms and heals.  The tiredness I lived with for so long eased month by month after my quit.  The lack of energy....now just an icky memory.  I bounce now!!  I dance!!  My health means the world to me.

Now, I may not make ordinary things extraordinary, but my confidence in my abilities has grown tremendously since my quit.  I did it!!  And every day I don't smoke means that I am still "doing it".  I can do things I never thought possible.  How delightful a thought!!  It makes me smile just a little to know that I have abilities I never tapped into before. 

Each one of us sparkles in our own way. Our unique talents, skills, and personalities touch the world in a magical way that only we alone can do.  There is no need to hide behind smoke.  There is no need to hide behind the crutch of addiction.  Come on out.....life is fine :)  You can handle it, I promise. 

Hope you each will come to understand how extraordinary you are......