Enjoy the Privilege

Blog Post created by Dancingthrulife_6.4.13 on Mar 6, 2015

~~Don't regret growing older.  It's a privilege denied to many.~~  Unknown


I love growing older!!  It's something new every day, isn't it? But this is not about me tonight!!

Don't regret growing older....some do, you know.  They want to stay young, vital.....with firm skin, healthy bodies, and sharp minds.

But...wait.  Smoking?  Say goodbye to that firm skin!!  Say adios to the healthy body.  Say ciao to the sharp mind.  Smoking kills everything you love about you.  It ages you faster than time does. 

Want to love yourself again?  Please quit smoking.  Want to stay young looking?  Please quit smoking.  Want to enjoy the privilege of growing older?  Please quit smoking.

Don't speed up the aging process.  Don't slowly kills yourself.  The thought of it.....the regrets, the weakness, the sorrow, both the physical and emotional pain.  It hurts my heart for every smoker.  Please quit.

Growing older should be graceful, beautiful, joyous, and...well....filled with all the good you feel about you.  You mean so much to your family, your friends, the world.  And there is so much of life left to be lived!!  Bucket lists, you know!!  What fun!!

Please quit smoking.  Turn your attention to all that's good about you.  All that you want to do....all that you still want to be.  Of course there is time!!  Live until life is over.  I read a quote that said, "Don't live the same year 75 times and call it life."  (Unknown)  I won't.  How about you?

Happy week-end all!!  May it be filled with warmth...if not from the sun, from your heart :)