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~~It's not what you look at that matters, it's what you see.~~  Henry David Thoreau


I look at you all here and I see grace, wisdom, kindness, and beauty.  I see strength and compassion.  I see hope, extraordinary courage, and humor.

Sometimes I have to look beyond your words....your blogs.  Because in reading the words, I sometimes see pain, struggle, and fear.  I sometimes see defeat, loss, and dejection.  I sometimes see white flags of surrender.

So, you see, Thoreau is right.  It's not what you look at that matters, it's what you see.  Because people who have felt fear often later face life with grace and joy.  It's people who struggle who often come out the other side wiser and more gentle.  Its those who have felt dejection who have the most compassion and empathy.  I see that.

But how I see you doesn't really is how you see yourself that truly matters.  Because while I see that for every second you don't smoke you are a success, you may see only someone struggling to stay quit.  While I see a kind, gentle soul who is simply stunning in their quit, you may see a tired, haggard soul ready to give up.

It's up to you.  But remember that your thoughts are your world...what you think, you become.  Choose wisely, choose well, my friends.

My very best to each one of you,


~~Its up to you to make your dreams come true.~~  Unknown


Ok, serious for a minute.  Why, with all the good information here....all the support....all the knowledge....all the encouragement......why isn't everyone an ex? 

Thomas, Giulia, Sootie, Dale, Tommy.....I could go on and on about the people here who volunteer their time to support, encourage, inform......they all KNOW how to quit.  Been there, done that.  TTheir pages reflect their knowledge, their blogs are brilliant, their support invaluable.  So why isn't everyone an ex?

Because this site and these amazing people can't quit for you.  Simply as that.  You are the only one who can quit for you.  You are the only one who can keep your quit.  Don't just read.  Don't just ask for support.  Don't just play with your quit.

Quit.  Don't smoke no matter how badly you think you want to.  Gather your strength, feel brave, and honor the commitment you have made to your body. 

I am not getting into my usual cheerleading mode of "You can do this!!"

Because you already know you can.  Its up to you to decide you want to.  Its up to you to take action.  Its up to you to nurture and strengthen your quit.

That's all.  Just a little reminder :) 


Happy Wednesday!!


~~I don't know anything about being a millionaire, but I'm sure I'd be darling at it.~~  Dorothy Parker


My son gifted me with a coffee mug with that quote....he said it sounded like something I'd say :)  Last night, he smiled at me when he caught me dancing in the kitchen and said, "It's ok, mom.  You dance if you want to."  I was listening to "Shake It Off" in my head and how can you not dance to that beat?!

So my gentle advice to you today?  Let today be about smiling.  Let today be about doing what it is you always wanted to do.  Let today be about laughing at yourself.  Let today be......FUN!!  Push aside all those pesky worries, all those depressing thoughts about that half-empty glass.....and simply enjoy the day.

I hear some of you already...."I have to work".  "I have to pay my bills".  "I have a condition".   "It's cold".....yep.  You are right to all of that.  But can't you have......both?!!  Work, even icky work, can be done while you have a fun day.  Paying bills can be done while you have a fun day.  Being ill...well, let's just say you heal faster and better when you have fun.  And the weather?  Love it or hate it, it's still gonna do what its gonna do.  Emotions do not effect the weather.

So laugh at yourself.  Wear two different colored socks to work.  Come in wearing those fake glasses with the big red nose attached.  Buy a hula hoop and challenge your co-workers.  Put a smiley face on that check you are paying your electric bill with.  Put some cookies in your mailbox for the mailman.  Buy someone a cup of coffee.....and a red balloon.

Life.  All we have is now.  I would like to make now amazing rather than wait until I those bills, feel better, have a different job, get married, get know?  My life is too precious to wait until later.  So is yours!!  Be darling at it!!  Confound people.  Make them wonder what you are up to.  Giggle more, worry less.  Feel lighthearted.  Giggle some more. 

All we have is now.  So breathe, smile, and plow through this day with energy, enthusiasm, and gusto!! Oh, and don't forget to break a few rules.  Katherine Hepburn said, "If you obey all the rules, you miss all the fun."

Make your own sunshine today, my wonderful friends, and shine.........


~~Its never too late to live happily ever after.~~ 


Sometimes during our quit smoking journey, we find that life can be harsh, ugly, and devastating in its brutal truths.  Because we are used to hiding behind a cloud of smoke, we don't always know what to do with these overwhelming emotions and fierce situations.  So when smoking is no longer an option......what do we do?

We grow.  We learn.  We accept.  We move through and beyond.  We deal.  We acknowledge.  We cringe.  We cry.  We hurt.  We celebrate.  We heal. 

We each have our own separate, personal journeys.  Our pasts.  Our roads.  But the emotions, the hurts, the joys.....everyone knows what they feel like.

Healing from this addiction takes time.  Healing from life's hurts takes time.  But both can happen.  When you let the past go, you are healing.  When you recognize that what was done to you doesn't define who you are, you are healing.  When you understand that those negative emotions of anger, pain, fear can have a part in making you better, you are healing.  When you forgive yourself for not being perfect, for not being right, or even for not saving yourself from those pains, you are healing.

When you finally come to realize that you are so very worth every good, kind, wonderful thing life has to offer, you are healing.  When you treat yourself as well as you treat others, when you become your own hero, when you let go of all that is holding you back, you are healing.

When you can cry about being hurt, being alone, being afraid, while knowing that those tears are are truly becoming who you were always meant to be.  Healing takes time, my dear friends.  But then all good things take time.  Savor the strength, the courage, and the wisdom that come from healing...step by step, day by day.  And love yourself enough to give yourself time to heal.  Become the person you always were meant to be.....the you that was hidden behind that cloud of smoke.

Happy Tuesday, my friends.  Let your spirit shine today :)



Eat a Cupcake

Posted by Dancingthrulife_6.4.13 Feb 23, 2015

~~The world is a brighter place because you are in it!~~  Unknown

So you didn't smoke today?  No matter if you wanted to.  No matter if you felt anxious.  No matter what the stress.  You didn't smoke?

Congratulations!!!  Celebrate you tonight!!!  You are amazing......outstanding......extraordinary!!!!!

Take a bubble bath, snuggle with a good book, eat a cupcake, do some yoga, pat yourself on the back, drink some hot tea, hug a whatever you want to feel good.  You deserve it!!  You didn't smoke today!!!

No thoughts of tomorrow allowed.  No thoughts of yesterday.  Just FEEL GOOD ABOUT YOU NOW...because you didn't smoke!!

I'm proud of you, my friends :)  The world truly is a better place because you are in it!!  Enjoy your evening.


~~I am fairly certain that given a cape and a nice tiara, I could save the world.~~  Unknown


Well, maybe not.  But I'm sure I'd look fabulous!!  And maybe....if I tried hard enough.....I could help someone.  Maybe I could help someone feel better about who they are.  Maybe I could help someone find some peace.  Maybe I could help someone through their quit.

Because when you have what you truly desire in life, you want to give back.  I have all that I consider dear.  My in life.  And my passion of helping others see how valuable they are.  I am blessed.  Truly, truly blessed.

So my optimism, my happy nature, my positive thoughts, all stem from the fact that I am exactly where I want to be in my life.  Yes, I have hard times, bad days, and even a nasty disposition every once in awhile but then I remind myself of all I do have and my spirit calms once again.

And so I want to save the, of course not!!  But I do want to give back.  So I show up here every once in awhile and remind people that they have the ability to quit smoking....everyone does!  That they matter to the world...everyone does!!  And that they are oh, so worthy of all the good this life has to offer including quitting smoking.  Because they are.

May you have a week full of good, health, sunshine, and fresh air!!  Much love to you all, Sheri

~~She believed she could so she did.~~  Unknown

Tonight, I am that "she".  I am always delighted to find out new things about myself and this one I wanted to share because I believe it started when I quit smoking.

I am a yoga freak.  Love it!!!  It's like my security blanket because when I am doing yoga, everything else fades away and I'm totally calm and at peace.  So tonight I was looking at my new yoga DVD.  OMGosh!!!  Totally new positions, totally hardcore moves, and extremely different that what I am used to doing.

A few years ago, I would have said, "Ugh!!!  NOOOOO Way!!!" and not even tried to do this.

Tonight, I watched, I thought "Wow!  Interesting moves!!  Can't wait to try them."  And so I did.  I was not bad, either :)

Point?  Quitting smoking wasn't the agonizing event I thought it was.  I did it and felt.......thrilled to know that I can get through even tough times.  Now I don't even see "tough times".  I see opportunities for me to grow.  I see challenges to overcome.  I see reasons to excel.

I am able to see and do and be so many more things than I ever thought possible!!  And I will never again say "No way...too hard!!"  because nothing is too hard anymore.

I just thought I would share this.  It makes me dance......I can DO THIS!!!   And, of course, so can you.  You just have to realize it.

Have a lovely evening, my friends!!


~~Dear self,

Today, and for the rest of my days, I chose to love you, to cherish you, and to accept you just the way you are.  Love, Me~~   Unknown

My words today aren't about quitting.  They aren't about the joy I feel each morning or how thankful I am to have another day to breathe, to hug my family, to live.  My words aren't about being kind to others or about reaching out to those who need help.

My words are about you.  The one reading this.  Truly personal and truly individual.

You.  Did you look in the mirror this morning and grin?  Did you get out of bed and give yourself a big hug as you stretched to welcome the day?  Did you linger over a cup of coffee as you gazed out at the world, excited to start the day?

No?  Too many thoughts of everything wrong with your life?  Feeling lonely?  Stressed?  Scared?  Lost? 

Sometimes, as the years pass and we get busy making a life for, college, families, bills....the true us gets lost in the shuffle.  We do what we have to do, we sacrifice for those we are responsible for, and we put our heads down and plow ahead.

Then one day we notice we aren't happy.  We aren't satisfied.  And we are.....kinda old.  What happened? 

So this is for you.....the you who got lost somewhere in time.  Stop.  Simply stop for a while.  Be still.  And look at yourself.  I know.  You may not like the weight you gained.  The fact that you haven't had a haircut in ages.  The fact that your teeth are horrible because of years of smoking.  Surface stuff only so don't worry about looks.....go past that and see into your heart, your soul.

There is the true you.  The you that you need to nurture.  The you that you need to free.  Get to know that you...the one who longs to dance in a fountain.  Or play the saxophone.  Or paint the house burnt orange instead of the safe tan.  How lovely you are!!  How much fun!!  How delightfully creative and intuitive!!

Why these words?  Because life is a gift and you are here on earth...given this gift....and you must recognize your worth!!  Life is a gift.  Don't reject it.  Don't dismiss it.  Don't take it for granted.  Don't be careless.

You need to learn to love yourself enough to bring back that true you.  The you who has the heart of a child...happy, joyful, delighted with the world and all it's wonders.  Growing up doesn't mean being lonely.  Growing up doesn't mean being serious all the time.  Growing up doesn't mean putting yourself on the bottom of your list of things to do.

You have the gift of life.  Choose to use it...choose to delight in it....choose to be honored by it.  Love yourself enough to live it.


~~When the world says, "Give up", hope whispers, "Try it one more time".~~  Unknown

They say that quitting is the most difficult thing you'll ever have to do.  They say that quitting is a daily struggle.  They say that deciding to quit is a decision that brings with it fear and apprehension.

Who are "they"?  Professionals?  Ex-smokers?  Smokers?  Who has the right to decide how your quit is going to be?  Oh, and shame on "them" for scaring you before you even quit!!

Let's start from the beginning and show 'them' quitting CAN be.  Quitting can be exciting!!  Deciding to quit can lead to thoughts of.......... smelling good, being healthier, having more time, having more money, feeling more confident, looking lovelier, being able to taste things again, being able to smell!!  Those thoughts can be endless!!  So thoughts of quitting?  You can feel fear....or you can feel excited about all the wonderful things that happen when you quit.

Ok, on to the next.  Quitting is a daily struggle?  Um, I find that quitting CAN be a daily celebration!  Quitting can mean more breathes each day.  Quitting can mean drawing you closer to your loved ones.  Quitting can mean learning how to handle life each day without hiding behind a cloud of smoke.  Struggles?  I'm sure there will be some.  But there will be MUCH more celebration, health, friends and family support, growing confidence, joy.  Daily struggle?  If you want it, it can be.  But if you want daily happiness, you can also have that.

Now, quitting is the hardest thing you'll ever have to do?  Maybe.  But after over 620 something days, I can tell you quitting is the BEST thing I'll ever have to do.  Quitting is sheer joy for me.  And I know another lady who quit without fanfare.  She says that living is the hardest thing she's ever had to do as she is diagnosed with Major Depressive Disorder, severe type and chronic.  I know someone else who is in a wheelchair due to a stroke.  She says living with the knowledge of never dancing again is the hardest thing she'll ever have to do.  So quitting?  It is whatever YOU decide it will be.

They say quitting is hard.  I say quitting doesn't have to be anything other than what YOU want it to be.  You are in charge of your thoughts, your behaviors, and your decisions.  How powerful and wonderful is that?!  You can make your quit hard, you can keep it positive, you can decide to take it good and bad each day.  It's totally up to you.

But please remember that where hope grows, miracles blossom.  And you, as much as anyone, deserve a miracle.  Enjoy this lovely day and know that someone in the world is cheering for you :)


~~Maybe its not about the happy ending.  Maybe it's about the story.~~  Unknown


Sometimes we look for that ending.  "I can't wait to get it over with" or "When is it going to end?!".  Maybe we don't like the discomfort.  Maybe we want the dramatic conclusion.  Maybe we simply want to move on.

But when you stop and think about it, how marvelous is the story!!  The ins, the outs, the ups, the downs.  Feeling good, feeling estatic, feeling horrible, just feeling.  Its all about the story.

When I quit this last, final time, I wasn't anxious to be done.  Because I finally realized that you quit day by day.  There really is no ending because my story is constantly changing, developing, being created.  Instead of waiting for the relief, the "ending" to my quit, I embraced each smoke free minute no matter if it was good or bad.  And I've noticed that there is so much more good than bad :)

You all have a story.  Whether it's your quit, your family, your job....all chapters of your life.  Each chapter is penned through your experiences, your adventures, your moments.  Don't wait for the ending before you realize that your life....your good.  That you are good.  And that the moments that aren't so good still build your strength, your courage, and your resilency. 

One of my favorite quotes, "You have the power to say, 'this is not how my story will end'" has always given me that boost of confidence.  Don't let your story end with you smoking.  You are better than that.

Happy Monday, my friends!!


~~If you don't believe in miracles, perhaps you've forgotten that you are one.~~ Unknown


And when you remember that you are indeed a miracle.....unique, perfect just the way you are....then you will begin to treat yourself as such.  Being kind to yourself, gentle, and loving.  Thinking of your health, your strength, your spirit.

And when you begin to treat yourself as such, you will quit smoking because smoking dishonors the miracle you are.  You will feel better within your quit because you are so much better than a cigarette.  So much more than your addiction. 

And when you've quit and you feel better in your quit, you will shine brightly.  You will be lovely.  You will feel strong.  And you will live life as the miracle you are.

I believe in miracles :)



Imperfectly Me

Posted by Dancingthrulife_6.4.13 Feb 13, 2015

~~I am not a perfect girl.  My hair doesn't always stay in place, I spill a lot of things and I'm pretty clumsy.  But when I think about it and take a step back I remember how amazing my life truly is and that maybe I like being imperfect.~~  Unknown


It's true.  All of it.  I am soooooI imperfect!!  I sing off key.  I am senstive to criticism.  I like to be liked.  I can't whistle. 

But I am kind.  I am good....really my job.  And I quit smoking on June 4, 2013.

You can, as well.  You don't have to be perfect to just have to quit.


~~As far as I know, I'm delightful.~~  Unknown

Have you ever thought about how you define yourself?  Are you smart, goofy, kind?  Or do you think of yourself as slow?  Dull?  Procrastinating?

How you see yourself is key to how you you respond to you behave in life.  In reality, who better to believe in you but you?  Who better to respect you 

Have confindence in yourself!!  Love yourself!!  Treat yourself gently and well!!  Because the more you believe in you and love yourself, the more you will do good things for quitting smoking. 

As far as I know, I really am delightful.  I love life....I love myself.....I love that I am 618 days into my quit :) 

But your quit is about you, not me.  So its time to get to know yourself.  Are you courageous?  Are you creative?  Are you bold....bouncy....brilliant?  Take all that goodness and feel confident in your quit!  You can handle it because you know you!!  You can handle anything!!

Happy Thursday, my friends!  Make it your best day ever :) 


Shhh.  It's really time to stop!!

It's time to stop telling yourself that things won't get any better.

It's time to stop telling yourself that you don't deserve any better.

It's time to stop telling yourself that there's no hope.

It's time to stop telling yourself that you have too much stress....too many frustrations....or that you're too poor, too sick, too uneducated, too's time to stop. 

Time to stop believing you can't quit can't get can't lose can't reach for the stars.

Time to stop believing you don't deserve it.  You don't need it. You aren't worthy of it.

Who better than you to reach for those stars?  Who better than you to shine?  Who better than you to believe in hope...believe in yourself? 

Say to yourself, "I know my worth....I'm priceless". 


at the end of the day, tell yourself, "I love you, you did the best you could today, and even if you didn't accomplish all you had planned, I love you anyway."  (Unknown)

Start by loving yourself.  Where hope grows, miracles blossom.....


~~Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?~~ Mary Oliver


Only one life.  So why not enjoy it?  Why not treat it like the miracle it is?  Every morning I get up, I am thankful.  I may still be tired, I may creak a bit, but I give thanks for rising and for the opportunity to live another day.

I laugh....a lot!!  I find reasons to smile.  I love people no matter if they are loveable or not.  Gosh, I simply love being alive!!

Don't you?  Don't you look at yourself in the mirror and think what a marvelous job God did making you?!  You should :)  Don't you wonder at nature?  Don't you marvel at your talents?  Don't you thrill at knowing you aren't smoking any more?  What a gift to give to yourself!!  What a joy it is to breathe fresh, clean air!!

So what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?  I plan to enjoy every minute of it!!  I will go to Ireland one day.  I will continue to go camping with my son.  I will continue to love people...all people whether they are loveable or not.  And I will continue to remind you here how simply delightful it is to be smoke free :)  I will dance.  I will smile.  And I will celebrate life.

Don't forget to be amazingly delightful today :)  It's a lovely day to shine!!


~~Make today ridiculously amazing.~~  Unknown

It's so easy!!  Be glad to be alive.  Thrill at the wonder of nature.  Really taste the lovely flavor of chocolate.  Thank someone.  Smile at someone.  Be nice just because. 

Let go of your worries just for now.  Let go of the thoughts of your quit.  Let go of petty angers....the need to control the knows what it's doing without you :)

Feel beautiful.  Just for today laugh often.  Dance down aisle 11 of WalMart.  Listen to music.  Sing.  Blow bubbles. 

Eat a donut without worrying about your weight.  Jump rope.  Love your job just for today.  Love people.  Just love.

Make today ridiculously amazing.  And you'll go to bed happy.  You'll feel lighter.  And you'll have a darling smile on your lips when you wake up tomorrow........

Enjoy every minute of this amazing day,




Posted by Dancingthrulife_6.4.13 Feb 6, 2015

~~On particularily rough days when I'm sure I can't possibly endure,  I like to remind myself that my track record for getting through bad days so far, is 100% and that's pretty good.~~  Unknown


Did you ever wonder why people lose their quits even with all the fabulous support here?  Why do people lose their quits even after reading Allen Carr?  Why do they lose their quits even after putting together a plan?

Because....just maybe....they forget that quitting means not smoking ever again.  That once you put them down, you have to be certain not to pick them up again.  That quitting means being sure you won't smoke.

Some people are afraid when they quit.  Some are uncertain.  Some are nervous.  Some excited.  But the quitters who "get it", understand that smoking is no longer an option.....not even if they are angry...not even if they are sad.....not even if they are grieving.....not even if anything, ever.

Be sure.  Be certain.  I will not smoke.  Ever.  For any reason.  Period.

And then carry that through your quit.  Use the support here.  Read.  Plan.  But through it all is the knowledge you have that you will not smoke no matter what.

The world is a beautiful place.  Put down the cigarettes....get out of the corner....and enjoy it!! 



What You Did

Posted by Dancingthrulife_6.4.13 Feb 5, 2015

~~Don't measure your day on what you didn't do.  Measure your day on what you did do and build on that tomorrow.~~  Unknown


Did you not smoke even though you 'struggled' with cravings?  Smile because you didn't smoke.

Did you cut down on your cigarettes even though you didn't quit yet?  Smile because you are consciously thinking of quitting.

Did you learn a bit about addiction?  Recovery?  Nicotine?  Smile because education is key.

Don't think about the fact that you aren't 1000 days quit yet.  You will get there.  Don't think about how hard your quit is as much as you think about the fact that you aren't smoking.  How wonderful that is!!!

Move forward by recognizing all you do do (lol!) rather than what you haven't done yet.  One step at a time means you are still moving forward.  And a journey of 1000 miles begins with a single step (Confucius).  As long as you move forward, you will reach your goal.

I continue to cheer each and every one of you, although I'm not here much.  I read, I smile, and I am always so happy for each of your milestones.  I'm truly blessed and I count those blessings every day.  Thank you all!


What is your favorite way to celebrate your quit?  Did you ever do something totally out of character?  Risky?  Fun?  Outrageous?  Let's hear about your celebrations.......

I had a "child's day" and did all my old favorites....roller skating, hula hooping, jump roping, and pogo stick :)  Still fun after all these years!!

~~Too often we underestimate the power of a touch, a smile, a kind word, a listening ear, an honest compliment, or the smallest act of caring, all which have the potential to turn a life around.~~ Leo Buscaglia

  I can't say it enough....kindness matters!!  It matters to those battered and bruised from life's challanges.  It matters to those lost and lonely.  It matters to those left heartbroken and pained.

It matters to those struggling with quits, wondering why they can't do it when everyone else seems to "get it".  It matters to those who lost their quits and have to battle to find the strength to quit again. 

It matters.  And when you take the time to smile at those battered, lonely, unhappy souls, you make such a difference in their ability to believe in themselves again.  When you listen to them without judgment....when you gently hug them....when you let them know you matters.

Each of you bring something unique and lovely and individual to our world. Shine your light!!

Treat yourself as the priceless treasure I know you to be.  And I may not know your name here....but I know that you matter.  I may not know your story....but I know you matter.  Because we all do..ALL of us. others quit....and hold on to life with a joy that can light the world!!  Because we need more people in the world who understand that everyone counts and the world needs us all.

May you have a peaceful evening,


~~A goal without a plan is just a wish.~~  Unknown


Hi, newbies!  Welcome to the exciting world of quitting!!  Leave your fear at the door and come on in.  Take your time....explore, question, learn, and plan.  There are so many here to guide your journey and all are important.  Some will advise you to read, read, read!!  Some will suggest you readjust your thinking.  Some will clap as you go by. 

But the reality is it is your quit.  You can "do it" any way you want to.  You can stumble through it.....sweating, fighting, not understanding what's happening.  Or you can.....educate yourself on addiction, learn about quitting, and develop a plan of action. 

Yep!  You do not have to stumble through your quit!!  You can understand that withdrawal means.......this.  You can learn when you crave, you can do......this.  You can cheer when your milestones come up because you know it means......this.

The reality is it is your quit.  It is your responsibility to understand what you're doing when you quit.  It's your responsibility to understand what you have put your body through...and what it takes to heal it.  It's your responsibility to understand how you are addicted to nicotine.....and what it takes to recover.

Not just your responsibility, my friends.  It should be your pleasure.  Your joy.  Because it is your life you are saving.  Truly your life.  How amazing is that?

I can't tell you that you must feel any certain way.  I can't tell you that you must read or you must learn or you must deep breathe.

But I can suggest that having a plan will make your quit less frightening.  Having a plan will make you less anxious.  Having a plan will give you the confidence to move through the ups and downs of your quit knowing you will make it through the other side.

You can do this.  I know it.  The others here know it.  But it is up to you to actually do it.  You can take the time to plan it out.  Or you can stumble through it.  Either way, you can succeed.  But I hope you will make it easier on yourself by having a plan.  It helps.

And I will be here....others will be guide you on your journey.  What an exciting journey it is!!



Be Stunning

Posted by Dancingthrulife_6.4.13 Feb 1, 2015

~~How others see you is not important.  How you see yourself means everything.~~  Unknown


I write so much about how each one of you matters to the world.  I say things like "You are precious!" and "You are unqiue and so very special".  And I mean it every time I say it.

But what I say about you isn't as important as what you say about you.  How do you see yourself?  Is it positive and healthy or negative and hurtful?

When you look in the mirror, do you smile?  When you are out in public, do you walk tall with your chin up and a smile on your face?

I do.  I do now, I mean.  I went through a period in my life when I didn't like me very much.  I was smoking, I was unhealthy, and I was not in a good place in my life.  Wanting to change didn't do anything.  Wishing to change didn't do anything.  I actually had to take those first steps.....actions speak much louder than words, don't they?  So I practice yoga, I dance, I changed jobs to one I love, and I learned to look in the mirror and smile.

So if you are thinking negative thoughts about yourself.....if you don't like where you are in life.....if you want more than what you have.....take steps towards change!!

Just like quitting smoking, other positive changes also take time.  But you have to take that first step!  You want health?  Drink a bottle of water before you reach for the soda.  You want to lose weight?  Walk around the block.  You want to learn how to paint?  Enroll in an art class at the local community center.

You have the chance to do or be or have anything you want.  You just have to take those first steps.  And as you make those changes and reach for your dreams, look in the mirror.  You are going to see less of those flaws and see more beauty...more confidence....more joy.

Smoking never did anything good for us.  But the good is out there!  Make those changes so that how you see yourself is nothing less than stunning!  You are a miracle, my just have to believe it!!


Remember, "If it makes your heart smile, it is the right decision."