Lighten Up!

Blog Post created by Dancingthrulife_6.4.13 on Jan 29, 2015

~~Don't take life to seriously.....you'll never get out of it alive :)~~  Unknown


Life.  Don't ya just love it?!!  But sometimes things bog us down.  We  surround ourselves with all those negative emotions.....the guilt, the anger, the frustrations.  We focus on trying to control our small part of the world.  Trying to make things right.  Trying to just hang in there.

You want a little tip from someone who's been there?

Lighten up.

Let it go.


Life isn't all about serious stuff.  And the best way to be stressed each day is to focus solely on what's wrong with you....what's wrong with your life....what's wrong with the world.  No wonder why smoking and other addictions continue on!  Who can live with that all the time?

Lighten up.  Grin.  Smile.  Blow bubbles.  Sneak in a whoopee cushion on your boss's chair.  Turn everything upside down in your coworker's office.  Put an "I love you" note in your child's lunch.  Tell a joke.  Watch "I love Lucy".  Burp (my grandson thinks its funny!).

Do whatever it is you do to have fun.  Buy a red balloon.  Chew gum.  Jump rope.  And, my all time favorite thing to do.....dance!!!  In a fountain.  On a table.  In the doctor's office.  On the street.  Someone will be smiling when they see you.  I promise :)

Lighten up.  How freeing it is to laugh.  How wonderful the world looks when you're happy!!  Trust me, it makes a difference.  Life is soooo short.  Enjoy it.  Love it.  Live it.

What makes you smile?