Believe In Yourself

Blog Post created by Dancingthrulife_6.4.13 on Dec 30, 2014

~~She believed she could, so she did.~~  Unknown

Life is so much more fun when you believe in yourself....your abilities, your talents, your ideas.  Confidence is strength in a way.  Confidence gets you through the tough times as you believe that you will be ok no matter what happens.

I have been enjoying life so very much these past 574 days.  When I realized that if I was afraid of failure....I just didn't have to fail :)  Nothing to fear then.  And I was able to carry that on in other aspects of my life.  No matter how tough things may get, I WILL get through them.

Life is definitely fun.  Life is beautiful.  Life is full of joy and love and happiness.  Because I believe it to be. 

You can believe anything you choose to.  You can believe you are strong.....you can believe you are weak.  You can believe you can quit....you can believe you can't quit.  Because your life is up to you.  You can make it anything you want to. 

I wish the very best for each of you!!  Linda, Ann, Sootie, Tommy, Dale, Kathy, Mary....and my bestest friend Bee Jay.  So many more here as well....Jordan, dear Thomas, lovely Guilia, Sherry, Marilyn.....I could go on and on.  You people are what life is all about.  Kindness, wisdom, generousity. 

Believe in yourself.  Believe you can.  Believe you deserve.  Believe in miracles.  Anything is possible when you believe!!

May you find peace, joy, and love in your new year.  Hugs to all.