The Brighter We Shine

Blog Post created by Dancingthrulife_6.4.13 on Dec 15, 2014

~~The closer we get to being who we are meant to be.....the brighter we shine.~~  Unknown


You don't really know me here.  I know that.  Sometimes I appear and write about being kind to yourself or how life is amazing and we should embrace it.  Positive things but why should what I write make a difference to you?  You don't really know me.

But I've been where you've been.  Not just with smoking, not just with quitting.  I've been hurt, I've been happy, I've been scared, I've been frustrated.  While not all life experiences are the same, we've all had those same emotions that scar us or elate us.

I knew that when I quit smoking, I was also on a quest for change.  It was time to stop reacting to life and start responding to it.  I was no longer going to wait for life to happen to me, I was going to make my life happen.  And so I did.  And the closer I got to being who I was meant to be, the brighter I could shine.  I am a better person, I am a better mom, and I am a better friend.  Well, most of the time :)

The secret, I have found, to having it all is to realize that you already do.  Everything I wanted in my life was there.....I just had to wake up and use it....enjoy it....be it.  No more beating myself up for being less than what I wanted to be. 

Now you might think that quitting smoking won't change your life.  You may think that quitting is hard or that quitting takes away from who you are.  Not true, my dear quitters.  We are not meant to be smokers.  We are not meant to hide in a corner and puff away while life goes on without us.  When you quit, you begin to feel good about yourself.  (If you don't yet, you will!!)  When you quit, you begin to realize that you have time to enjoy yourself, enjoy your family, enjoy your friends.....enjoy your life.  Quitting is only the first step in a lifelong love affair with life!!

Be good to yourself.  Quit smoking.  Eat healthy.  Be physically active.  And understand how important you are to the world around you! 

You don't know me.  But that doesn't really matter.  Know what I know.  You are worth quitting smoking.  You are worth it!  And the world awaits.......

Happy Monday!