Wishing You All Laughter

Blog Post created by Dancingthrulife_6.4.13 on Dec 5, 2014

~~Hedgehogs:  Why don’t they just share the hedge?~~


Happy Friday, Ex!!  Its a lovely day no matter where you are because, well, you are there!  And you make the world a little brighter for me.  I thank you all and wish you all a day filled with laughter.  I thought I'd start it off with a chuckle or two for you:

~~Let’s eat, grandma.  Let’s eat grandma.  Commas save lives!~~

~~Never trust an atom….they make up everything.~~

Smiling?  A little giggle maybe?  The world is waiting to see you break out of your shell and truly shine, you know.  So, just for today, be different....be funny....be amused....

~~I just found out I’m awesome…..you might want to get yourself tested.~~

~~Come to the dark side….we have cookies!~~

Remember, no smoking is allowed today because you love yourself too much to do that.  Taking care of your body is vital...after all, you can't exchange it for another.  Be good to you!

~~If life gives you lemons, keep them because, hey, free lemons!~~

~~Step aside, coffee, this is a job for alcohol!~~

Laugh today!!  There are so many reasons to laugh....it's so good for you.  And people will wonder what you're up to.  Take good care, my friends, and  know you always have a cheerleader in me :) 

Happy, amusing Friday,