Healing Tears

Blog Post created by Dancingthrulife_6.4.13 on Dec 2, 2014

~~Crying doesn't indicate that you're weak.  Since birth, it has always been a sign that you're alive.~~  Unknown

~~Don't hide the tears.  For tears will only flood the heart.~~  Unknown


A lovely person....I'd be honored to call her a friend....reminded me recently that so many of us consider tears to be either a sign of weakness or an annoyance to be avoided at all cost.  My sweet, lovely friends....tears are not only necessary in life, they should be celebrated!!  Tears, you see, heal the heart.  Heal the body.  Release the pain that living sometimes brings.

You can't any more hide from tears as you can hide from yourself.  Sooner or later, those tears will find a way to come out.  Maybe not in wet, salty sobs.....maybe in a heart attack, or a stroke, or a bout of severe depression. 

When your body tells you its hungry, you eat.  When your body tells you its tired, you sleep.  When your body tells you to cry, you.......what?  Turn away?  Stuff those feelings of hurt or sadness?  Blink furiously to hold the tears at bay?

Why??  Why would you do that to yourself?  Tears are precious....you are precious.   If you need to cry, honor yourself by crying.  Its your body's way of healing.  Tears release stress hormones....did you know that?  They rid your body of stress, of sadness, of toxic emotions. 

Ok, so by now you are probably hoping I close this blog or tell you why I am talking about crying on a quit smoking site.  Most of you know, though, don't you?  We hid behind smoking rather than face those all too human emotions.  Pain, loneliness, fear, sadness.  Icky feelings that sometimes hurt. 

Well, I am attending a double funeral on Saturday.  A father/son who were killed in a car accident.  Sudden, unexpected.....hugely unfair for the family.  So crying?  I did and I will.  I am alive and as long as I'm alive, I will feel each and every emotion with joy and courage.  I am alive and I will live :)

No smoking for me.  No more killing myself or have my family watch me as I slowly and deliberately chose to feed my addiction.

Honor yourselves, my friends.  Love yourselves.  Embrace your emotions, both good and not so good.  You are alive!!!  So please, please choose to live :)