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~~She believed she could, so she did.~~  Unknown

Life is so much more fun when you believe in yourself....your abilities, your talents, your ideas.  Confidence is strength in a way.  Confidence gets you through the tough times as you believe that you will be ok no matter what happens.

I have been enjoying life so very much these past 574 days.  When I realized that if I was afraid of failure....I just didn't have to fail :)  Nothing to fear then.  And I was able to carry that on in other aspects of my life.  No matter how tough things may get, I WILL get through them.

Life is definitely fun.  Life is beautiful.  Life is full of joy and love and happiness.  Because I believe it to be. 

You can believe anything you choose to.  You can believe you are can believe you are weak.  You can believe you can can believe you can't quit.  Because your life is up to you.  You can make it anything you want to. 

I wish the very best for each of you!!  Linda, Ann, Sootie, Tommy, Dale, Kathy, Mary....and my bestest friend Bee Jay.  So many more here as well....Jordan, dear Thomas, lovely Guilia, Sherry, Marilyn.....I could go on and on.  You people are what life is all about.  Kindness, wisdom, generousity. 

Believe in yourself.  Believe you can.  Believe you deserve.  Believe in miracles.  Anything is possible when you believe!!

May you find peace, joy, and love in your new year.  Hugs to all.



My Simple Gift

Posted by Dancingthrulife_6.4.13 Dec 23, 2014

~~Open your eyes.  You are not made up of those words that hurt you.  Or that number on the scale.  Or the expectations that you feel you will never meet.  You are made up of nothing more than you.  Simply, beautifully, wonderfully, uniquely you.  You are a lovely and complex soul.  An individually fascinating combination of thoughts, ideas, feelings, emotions.  No other is as beuatiful as you.  Look past the mirror.  Look at your soul.  Only then you will see yourself as you truly are.  Beautiful.  So smile!  And don't forget to love yourself.~~  Unknown


I am thinking that the best Christmas gift I can give you all is the gift of words....words to remind you that you are important.  You are lovely.  You matter.  So take very good care of you this holiday season.  Be kind to yourself.  Be good to yourself.  Treasure yourself. 

Value the person you are!  Realize how much you mean to the world.  Realize your strengths, your talents, your gifts.  Your beautiful flaws.  Understand that mistakes don't make you bad.  They make you human.  And its very much ok to be human.

There are so many here who mean so much to me.  Each one of you knows who you are.  But even to those I don't know yet...or I don't know well....please love yourself enough to continue your quit or your quest to quit.  Treat yourself as gently and kindly as you treat others.  And know that there is a reason why you are here on earth.  You have purpose.  You are a miracle.

You matter.  That I can promise you.  Have the courage to continue your journey through life with spirit and heart.  And take good care of you.

Merry Christmas, my dear friends!!  Much love to each of you.


~~I'm not like anyone else.  I don't need to follow anyone's lead.  I'm all I will ever need to be.  I'm just simply me.  I'm just simply unique.~~  Unknown


It has taken me many years to learn to be my own hero.  But now I am.  I take good care of myself....I am my first priority because if I'm not well, I can't take care of anyone else. 

It was only when I truly understood that I had to take the lead in my quit that I was able to do so.  I couldn't look for the answers elsewhere. I educated myself, of course, with all the information found here.  I asked questions, I listened, I read....but then I acted on my own.  Finally :)  I was my own hero and rescued myself from my addiction......and it was easier that way. 

Sometimes we are too hard on ourselves, don't you think?  We beat ourselves up and agonize over our mistakes.  Its time that we learned to applaud ourselves as well.  It's time that we acknowledge our strengths, our talents, our gifts.  More than that, it's time that we understand we are responsible for our lives....all of it.  We need to be our own heros rather than waiting for life to straighten out.

I wish I really could take your burdens off your shoulders for a little while.  I wish I could bring some warmth and sunshine to your lives so you could relax just a bit and feel peace.  But then I remember that you don't need me to do that for have it in you to do it for yourself.  Life is waiting for you.  Break down those barriers of "I can't" and feel the power of "I've got this!"

~~May my heart be kind, my mind fierce and my spirit brave.~~  Unknown

Merry Christmas to all my EX family and friends.  May you feel the joy, the peace, and the love this season brings......Sheri


Life Needs You

Posted by Dancingthrulife_6.4.13 Dec 19, 2014

~~Open your hands and receive life.  Let your fingertips tingle and your heart smile, for you are a miracle.  The gifts you offer by just being you have the power to tranform life.  LIFE NEEDS YOU!  Embracing your innate beauty, share your ceative spirit with others.  Put away all self-doubt and celebrate this amazing gift of life you have been given.  Now open your hands and give life to all those who you meet.  Sit back and look at yourself in the mirror and say, "Thank you for this gift of me!"~~  Unknown


Life needs very true and yet how seldom we think this way.  There have been people here on Ex who have changed my life in a very real, tangible way.  I hope I say thank you enough :)  And there are people out in the 3-D world who NEED you.  They need your strength, your humor, your kindness, your love.  

So please don't think that it doesn't matter.  You are not too old or too shy or too sick or too anything to quit smoking.  It matters so very much because YOU matter so very much!!  The world will not be the same without you.  You make a difference simply by being who you are.  Its time to take good care of you!  Its time to realize how important you are and how important your life is. 

I can't say it enough that you are so worth your quit!!  I can't say it enough that you count and you matter!!  I can't say it enough that you are as precious as life is!!  Focus on that.  Focus on your gifts.  Focus on the fact that you are a miracle.  And then quit and stay quit.  Forever.  Because life needs you.

Praying that you find some peace in your quit today :)



Being Human

Posted by Dancingthrulife_6.4.13 Dec 18, 2014

~~Today will never come again.  Be a blessing.  Be a friend.  Encourage someone.  Take time to care.  Let your words heal and not wound.~~  Unknown


I failed at that already this morning.  It happens, I know.  But still, I hate that I snapped at my son and he is now starting his day knowing his mom was mad at him.

We have those "oops" moments from time to time.  Being human means we make mistakes no matter how hard we try not to.  That's ok.  Keep trying.  Learn to say, "I'm sorry".  Learn to accept apologies and grant forgiveness. 

Because I am so very human, I recognized that quitting smoking meant that I might be short-tempered from time to time.  Having that knowledge, I stopped it before it got out of hand.  I asked that my family and friends tell me that I smelled good.  I asked them to be gentle with me.  And then I was kind in return.  No snipping, no anger, no short temper.  They didn't deserve that. 

So while I make mistakes, while I have "oops" moments, and while I am extremely human, I am so glad that I did not make my family totally miserable when I quit smoking.  I cherish them, I love them, and I could not do that to them.  It is not impossible to quit and be kind. I was.   It is not impossible to quit and be positive.  I was.  It is not impossible to quit and be happy.  I was.

But this was me and how I handled things.  Your quit...your decision how to handle it. 

As for this morning......Jake knows he is loved.  Our little spat was just that.  Little.  This afternoon will be grins, laughter, and forgiveness.  It's how we roll in my family :)

Have a beautiful day!!  May you feel  joy in your quit and love in your world.....



A Sunny Smile

Posted by Dancingthrulife_6.4.13 Dec 17, 2014

~~It was only a sunny smile, and little it cost in the giving, but like morning light it scattered the night and made the day worth living.~~  F.Scott Fitzgerald


Sometimes all it takes is a smile.  To make someone feel less lonely.  To brighten a day.  To make a difference. 

Sometimes all it takes is a smile.  To remember that you've got this.  You are  in control of your quit.  You are in control of your emotions.  You are in control of your life.

Sometimes all it takes is a smile.  To say thank you.  To say you're forgiven.  To say you care.

Little the cost.  So smile.  It really does make the day worth living.

Peace to you today and always,


~~Without humor, life sucks.  Without courage, life is hard.   ithout love, life is hopeless.  Without friends like you, life is impossible.~~  Unknown


She probably thinks that I won't say anything until tomorrow.  She probably thinks that no one will notice.  She probably thinks that I may be too busy or too tired or too distracted to make a big deal out of it.  NOT!!!

You probably think she's quiet.  You may think she's shy.  You may not really know her which is truly a shame because Bee Jay is the MOST wonderful friend you will ever have.

She's so utterly funny!!  She's amazingly down to earth even though she's highly intelligent.  She is caring and kind, lovely and sweet.  Unique and simply FUN!!

BeeJay is celebrating 500 days of smoke free living tomorrow.  I decided to alert everyone today so that those who know her get a chance to celebrate with her and those who don't know her, get a chance to meet a spectacular individual.  I don't know how to link to her page....but I'm sure someone will be kind enough to help me out :)

Bee Jay quit quietly.  She doesn't complain much.  She doesn't talk about it much.  She just does it.  I like that about her!!  I like that she can find humor in anything.  I like that she listens to me moan and complain and still laughs.  I like that she cares about the world, not just her little slice of it.  I like that she is passionate about so much in life but still likes the simple things. 

I guess I just like her.  I admire her.  I respect her.  And I'm sooooo proud of her!!!!  500 days is wonderful :)  Congrats, Bee Jay, on making it seem effortless.....we all know its not :)  But it is worth it, isn't it?  May tomorrow bring you laughter, love, and all the wonders in life you so richly deserve!!

Thank you for always listening and always caring.  Much love to you, my friend :)


~~The closer we get to being who we are meant to be.....the brighter we shine.~~  Unknown


You don't really know me here.  I know that.  Sometimes I appear and write about being kind to yourself or how life is amazing and we should embrace it.  Positive things but why should what I write make a difference to you?  You don't really know me.

But I've been where you've been.  Not just with smoking, not just with quitting.  I've been hurt, I've been happy, I've been scared, I've been frustrated.  While not all life experiences are the same, we've all had those same emotions that scar us or elate us.

I knew that when I quit smoking, I was also on a quest for change.  It was time to stop reacting to life and start responding to it.  I was no longer going to wait for life to happen to me, I was going to make my life happen.  And so I did.  And the closer I got to being who I was meant to be, the brighter I could shine.  I am a better person, I am a better mom, and I am a better friend.  Well, most of the time :)

The secret, I have found, to having it all is to realize that you already do.  Everything I wanted in my life was there.....I just had to wake up and use it....enjoy it.  No more beating myself up for being less than what I wanted to be. 

Now you might think that quitting smoking won't change your life.  You may think that quitting is hard or that quitting takes away from who you are.  Not true, my dear quitters.  We are not meant to be smokers.  We are not meant to hide in a corner and puff away while life goes on without us.  When you quit, you begin to feel good about yourself.  (If you don't yet, you will!!)  When you quit, you begin to realize that you have time to enjoy yourself, enjoy your family, enjoy your friends.....enjoy your life.  Quitting is only the first step in a lifelong love affair with life!!

Be good to yourself.  Quit smoking.  Eat healthy.  Be physically active.  And understand how important you are to the world around you! 

You don't know me.  But that doesn't really matter.  Know what I know.  You are worth quitting smoking.  You are worth it!  And the world awaits.......

Happy Monday!


~~And suddenly you know:  It's time to start something new and trust the magic of beginnings.~~ Meister Eckhart

The magic of beginnings.....what a lovely thought!!  And how appropriate when we think of quitting smoking.  There is no loss there.  You aren't leaving something good behind.  The magic of beginning to live a life smoke free brings forth the miracle of truly living life!!

More time to spend with family and friends.  Better health.  More beauty.  Sweet smells.  Prettier.  Confidence.  Joy.  And such a peace that comes with being free of addiction.

Quitting should be a joy, not an event to be feared.  Quitting starts everything good in your life!!  Quitting brings out the beauty in life.  You don't have to gain weight, you don't have to fail, you don't have to be miserable.....but you can if you want to.

Its all up to you :)  I chose life...and life chose me back.  Its lovely and I thank God every day for allowing me to be part of this marvelous world. 

Happy Monday and may you find peace and joy today and always,



 ~~Don't live the same year 75 times and call it a life.~~Robin Sharma

~~Hedgehogs:  Why don’t they just share the hedge?~~


Happy Friday, Ex!!  Its a lovely day no matter where you are because, well, you are there!  And you make the world a little brighter for me.  I thank you all and wish you all a day filled with laughter.  I thought I'd start it off with a chuckle or two for you:

~~Let’s eat, grandma.  Let’s eat grandma.  Commas save lives!~~

~~Never trust an atom….they make up everything.~~

Smiling?  A little giggle maybe?  The world is waiting to see you break out of your shell and truly shine, you know.  So, just for today, be amused....

~~I just found out I’m awesome… might want to get yourself tested.~~

~~Come to the dark side….we have cookies!~~

Remember, no smoking is allowed today because you love yourself too much to do that.  Taking care of your body is vital...after all, you can't exchange it for another.  Be good to you!

~~If life gives you lemons, keep them because, hey, free lemons!~~

~~Step aside, coffee, this is a job for alcohol!~~

Laugh today!!  There are so many reasons to's so good for you.  And people will wonder what you're up to.  Take good care, my friends, and  know you always have a cheerleader in me :) 

Happy, amusing Friday,


~~She stood in the storm and when the winds did not blow her way, she adjusted her sails.~~  Elizabeth Edwards


Its easy to quit smoking when things are going my way.  No stress, no worries, no sadness.  Yes, I can quit.  Then life really begins.  Losing a grandchild.  Losing friends.  Financial pressures.  Unhappy family members.  Work stress.  Mixed in with soccer dates, science fair projects, deadlines, and holiday shopping.


Its easy to quit when things aren't going my way.  I adjust my sails, I go on.  Because I designed a life that I love.  Its not about being easy.  Its not about all sunshine.  Its not about everything going my way.

Its about adjusting my sails.  Its about understanding that the good and the bad just are and if I simply allow them to be....they pass.  Its about knowing that I can live through it all.  I read a quote the other day that said, "She lived the poetry she couldn't write."  Love it!!  I may not be able to create a perfect life, but I can live the life I have perfectly for me.  I am sometimes dramatic, sometimes thoughtful, sometimes full of joy, sometimes just quiet....but I am always being me.  Living in the moment.....adjusting my sails when I need to.

You can do this, too.  You can live your life the way you want to.....understanding that while life may not always be ok, you can be.  You can be ok when things are not ok.  You can revel in the person you are no matter what is going on around you!!  You can get through the bad times by being good to yourself always.  Treat yourself gently when you need to.....allow others to hold you up when you can't hold yourself up....and face life with plenty of you attitude!!!  Be the kind of person who when your feet hit the floor in the morning, the devil says, "Oh, crap, she's up!"

Enjoy this wonderful world...enjoy your life.  Don't let the addiction are much too important!!


~~Crying doesn't indicate that you're weak.  Since birth, it has always been a sign that you're alive.~~  Unknown

~~Don't hide the tears.  For tears will only flood the heart.~~  Unknown


A lovely person....I'd be honored to call her a friend....reminded me recently that so many of us consider tears to be either a sign of weakness or an annoyance to be avoided at all cost.  My sweet, lovely friends....tears are not only necessary in life, they should be celebrated!!  Tears, you see, heal the heart.  Heal the body.  Release the pain that living sometimes brings.

You can't any more hide from tears as you can hide from yourself.  Sooner or later, those tears will find a way to come out.  Maybe not in wet, salty sobs.....maybe in a heart attack, or a stroke, or a bout of severe depression. 

When your body tells you its hungry, you eat.  When your body tells you its tired, you sleep.  When your body tells you to cry, you.......what?  Turn away?  Stuff those feelings of hurt or sadness?  Blink furiously to hold the tears at bay?

Why??  Why would you do that to yourself?  Tears are are precious.   If you need to cry, honor yourself by crying.  Its your body's way of healing.  Tears release stress hormones....did you know that?  They rid your body of stress, of sadness, of toxic emotions. 

Ok, so by now you are probably hoping I close this blog or tell you why I am talking about crying on a quit smoking site.  Most of you know, though, don't you?  We hid behind smoking rather than face those all too human emotions.  Pain, loneliness, fear, sadness.  Icky feelings that sometimes hurt. 

Well, I am attending a double funeral on Saturday.  A father/son who were killed in a car accident.  Sudden, unexpected.....hugely unfair for the family.  So crying?  I did and I will.  I am alive and as long as I'm alive, I will feel each and every emotion with joy and courage.  I am alive and I will live :)

No smoking for me.  No more killing myself or have my family watch me as I slowly and deliberately chose to feed my addiction.

Honor yourselves, my friends.  Love yourselves.  Embrace your emotions, both good and not so good.  You are alive!!!  So please, please choose to live :)




Posted by Dancingthrulife_6.4.13 Dec 1, 2014

~~What you believe becomes your truth.~~  Unknown


I used to think I quit...only to fall back on smoking once again.  I would say thing like "I'm going through a rough time" or "I just can't find a way to quit".  And it was partly true.....I did go through some trauma and I really couldn't find a way to quit.

But not because of the trauma or the drama or the heartache or the miscommunication.  I didn't quit because I was an addict who was not willing to admit that there was no excuse to smoke.....I thought of all the "reasons" I was smoking.  In truth, I smoked because I was addicted.

People smoke.  Rich people, poor people, ill people.....addiction does not discriminate.

Yes, trauma happens.  Bad things happen.  But I can either handle them with positive coping skills or I can fall back on my addiction and say things like "Life is tough."

I have healthy coping skills now.  I am in a good place now even when things get bad.  I choose not to smoke no matter what.  And so I don't.  It's not that I can't or that I haven''s that I don't smoke anymore.  No wishy washy stuff here because it doesn't work for me.  I am proud of my quit and proud of me for quitting.  Not going to mess it up.

I hope everyone understands that quitters can never smoke again......NEVER.  I hope that everyone understands that no one can quit for you.  NO ONE.  It isn't about quit clocks or elders getting mad at you or people being disappointed in you.  Its about honoring yourself.  Honoring your commitment to yourself.  Its about your health and you taking an active role in your health.  Its about you feeling good about yourself.  Its about you understanding you matter so very much to this world.

Its about life.  Your life.  Don't wait until its too late.  Quit now and mean it now.  You are worth it.  So very, very worth it.  I promise.

May you find comfort in your quit and joy in your life,