I Like Pretty

Blog Post created by Dancingthrulife_6.4.13 on Nov 26, 2014

~~Do what makes your soul shine.~~  Unknown


I like pretty!  I like pretty smells and pretty sights and pretty things.  Which is why I had my family and friends sniff me often during the early days of my quit and say, "You smell good!!"  Sounds crazy, I know, but it worked for me because....well.....I like pretty.

And so much is now pretty to me!!  I smell pretty, I feel pretty, and even my hair and skin are pretty!!  Not dulled from smoke but glowing with health.  I don't judge myself from the outside but when I look in the mirror, I see confidence, self-esteem, and a shine that comes from knowing I am taking really good care of myself.

For me, pretty comes from within.  Is your soul shining?  Mine wasn't when I was smoking because I knew I had to quit.  I not only didn't feel pretty, I felt pretty bad.

Now?  Oh, my goodness, let me tell you that my soul is singing each and every day!!  Pretty.  My feet scarcely touch the ground, I dance around so much.  Pretty.  And people still say that I smell good.

You can do this.  You can have this!!  You can feel this!!  The world is prettier when you stop smoking.  And you feel so much better.  Feel the glow.  Feel the confidence and the pride and the joy of quitting.  It feels extremely good each day.  And you will look extremely good each day.  Quitting looks good on you :)

Happy Thanksgiving, all.  May you feel the joy of life and the warmth of family and friends.  Most of all, may your soul be shining for the world to see........