Yep, It's Me

Blog Post created by Dancingthrulife_6.4.13 on Nov 12, 2014

No quotes today.  No cheerful little notes of encouragement.  Just me.  Words.  Thoughts. 

Several people have asked if I'm cheerful all the time.  If I really am this happy.  If I am positive during the day or just here on the blogs.

Can't get upset over questions like that :)  Its nice to know you are interested in who I am. 

I haven't always been positive.  Haven't always been cheerful.  It takes practice!!  Really.  Just as it takes practice to feel negative....to develop bad habits.....to cut off your friends.  It takes practice to see the beauty each day.....to feel joy......to think positive.

I like it.  I like me.  Ready for a quote now?  ~~She loved life and life loved her back.~~  Unknown

It would be nice if people thought that of me.  I do love life.  I love people.  And I like to encourage others to see the best in themselves....and in the world.  Its simply who I am now.

526 days of not smoking.  524 days of feeling great about it (the first two days of cold turkey kinda sucked.).  And all because I like me, I like life, and I make the best of where I am.

I like you all just the way you are, whether it be sweet, grumpy, nice, kind, bitchy, angry.....and I hope you like me the way I am as well. 

May your day be filled with love, laughter, and serenity,