What Are You Waiting For?

Blog Post created by Dancingthrulife_6.4.13 on Nov 11, 2014

~~Celebrate life.  Laugh out loud.  Dance for no reason.  Have fun.  Dream big.  Create new paths.  Be bold.  Make mistakes.  Be kind.  Try something new.  Take risks.  Inspire.  Be inspired.  Shine brightly.  Make things.  Be an explorer.  Love unconditionally.  Share.  Live fully.  Never stop learning.  Never stop growing.  Be curious.  Be present.  Open your mind.  Give hugs.  Expand your heart.  Be yourself always.  Live your passion.  Enjoy simple things.  Have gratitude.  Listen.  Breathe deeply and smile.~~  Unknown


Why wait until 365 days quit to celebrate?  Why wait for birthdays?  Why wait for Christmas?  Thanksgiving?  Celebrate life today!!  You've been quit for 10 hours?  Celebrate!!  That is a marvelous accomplishment!! 

Today will never, ever, ever come again.  Why not celebrate it?  You are here, right now.  Why not celebrate that?!

Life holds surprises.  The world offers you beauty.  Every second is a chance to live.  So take that and run with it.  Don't dwell on what you've lost in life.  Don't hold on to how life has treated you unfairly.  Don't worry about what may be around the corner.

Celebrate life and much more importantly.....celebrate YOU :)  How lovely you look today.  How strong you are.  How kind.  How creative.  You don't really need a reason other than you are here today on earth.  Celebrate that!  Celebrate you.

Each of you is unique, priceless, precious.  I know that.  I've read your blogs, I've seen you give of yourselves here, I've talked to you.  My gosh, you are extraordinary!!  So celebrate you.  Don't wait for Hallmark to design a card, don't wait for Congress to declare a holiday.....decide that you are worth it.  Make a cupcake.  Buy a donut with pretty sprinkles.  Smile at yourself.  Read a good book.  Whatever you choose to celebrate. 

You are worth it. 

Still dancing today.......Sheri