Letting It Go

Blog Post created by Dancingthrulife_6.4.13 on Sep 23, 2014

~~Not my circus.  Not my monkeys.~~  Polish Proverb


In the past, I often took the world's problems on my shoulders.  If I worked a little harder, volunteered a little more, gave more of myself....well, then the world should be just fine!  I didn't see it as ego working or an impossible task.  I just thought that I could make my part of the world a bit better.

When I quit smoking last June, I also quit trying to control life.  My neighbor mad at me?  Not my problem.  My son needed extra money for a car?  Can't help there.  People fighting about gun control?  Let them.

What a truly freeing experience!!  Not my circus, not my monkeys......I love it!!  The world gets on beautifully without my 2 cents....without my control....without my worrying it to death.

I let go.  The stress of living eased tremendously and I was able to quit smoking pretty easily as I learned to let go of what I couldn't control.  What I secretly always wanted to let go of.  Now I live.  I dance.  I learn new things like sign language, belly dancing, and tai chi.  I have more time for fun since I let go.  I have more time to smile, more time to be with my friends, more time to enjoy the day.

So try letting go of those darn monkeys!  It sometimes takes practice but it is so worth it :)  Enjoy today......it will never come again......be happy, my friends.