Head in the Clouds

Blog Post created by Dancingthrulife_6.4.13 on Sep 22, 2014

~~I told my psychiatrist that I've been hearing voices.  He told me I don't have a psychiatrist.~~  Unknown


Laughter heals.  Laughter helps.  Today I was running late.  I dropped my son off at school and headed to work but had to turn around and sign a paper for Jake which made me a little later.  I forgot to pay my water bill so I have to go to city hall sometime this morning or pay a $35 reconnect fee.  My hair looks.....interesting.  And I broke a nail.

But all this would have still occured if I had been smoking.  Only I probably would have burned a hole in my car seat, I would have smelled like smoke, and I would have probably been scrounging for change to buy another pack.

Smoking helps nothing.  Quitting means everything.  It means that I can do things I thought I could never do.  I'm so very proud of me.....each and every day :)

So my head will remain in the clouds....bills will be paid late.....my hair will continue to be.....interesting.....and I will continue to find life funny and wonderful!!  475 days of living smoke free.  No matter what.

Laugh at life.  Laugh at stress.  And be proud of yourself for quitting...each and every day.  You are a miracle!!