A Person of Value

Blog Post created by Dancingthrulife_6.4.13 on Jun 7, 2014

~~Handle yourself with tender, loving care as you're more precious than you believe, more valuable than you think, and worth more than you'll ever know.~~  Unknown


I want to thank all of you who helped me celebrate my one year anniversary.....I am truly humbled and honored that you would take the time to blog about celebrating yourself!  Or even that you would celebrate with me!  From the bottom of my heart, thank you.

It wasn't until I learned to value myself that I finally understood quitting smoking for good.  Commitment to quitting because I was committed to treating myself as a person of worth.  I take good care of myself now and I like me.......and I do not smoke anymore.

It may not be like this for everyone.  Some may need advice or help that I cannot imagine.  I think that's why there are so many amazing personalities here on Ex.....something for everyone!  But I sincerely hope that all of you appreciate yourselves in some way or at least take good care of yourselves. 

It matters to me that all of you know how precious you are.  I don't really know why other than I don't feel anyone deserves to feel alone, abandoned, worthless, hopeless, or defeated.  Everyone matters.  Even with problems, even with ailments, even smoking......everyone matters!

So, again, thank you for the lovely blogs about yourselves.....you are remarkable, amazing people!!  I'm glad I got to know you just a little bit better :)  Thanks also to those who wished me well.  I am honored. 

I wish for all a magnificent week-end!!  Be kind to yourselves and don't forget to dance in the rain....it's a beautiful feeling!!