Celebrate The Miracle of You

Blog Post created by Dancingthrulife_6.4.13 on Jun 2, 2014

~~Celebrate yourself!  Take time to celebrate yourself and the unique gifts you bring to the world.  The world needs your brilliance right now more than ever.~~  Anonymous


In two days, I will have one year of NOT smoking behind me.  I have a request.  Could we have a day of celebrating ourselves?  Not celebrating me......each of you celebrating yourselves instead.  Your gifts, your talents, your personalities.  To have a day where you think about how important you are in the world.  That you are so very precious.....that you matter.  Because you do.

You can celebrate by having a special cup of tea.  You can celebrate by using your gift.....paint a picture, knit a scarf, write a poem.  Organize a closet, work in your garden, be a best friend to someone in need.  Whatever you are good at.  Whatever you desire to do.  Whatever comes so naturally to the wonderful person you are.

Because, to me, celebrating my year would mean very little without everybody celebrating them as well.  You matter to me.....and I don't have to know your name :)  You are precious....and I don't have to know where you live.  Human life is so delicate, so quick, so magnificent.  We need to remember why we are here and it's not to make money.  Its not to suffer endlessly.  Its not to smoke ourselves to death.

Its to understand the brilliance of life.  To wonder at the breathtaking beauty of nature.  To take good care of ourselves and eachother.  Every day we live is final.  It will never come again.  I want to make each day the very best day ever.  And that means being kind, growing, learning, enjoying each moment.

So, if you would, celebrate on Wednesday.....celebrate your uniqueness!!  Celebrate your talents!!  Celebrate simply being you!!  Hula hoop, jump rope, eat cake for breakfast......come here and write about what a special, amazing person you are!!  Because you are :)  I'd like to hear about you.

Happy Monday, my friends!!