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~~Make a wish.  Take a chance.  Make a change.~~  Unknown


It all started with a simple wish.  "I wish I could quit smoking".  It would have been the same no matter what the wish.  "I wish I could lose weight".  "I wish I could have a friend".  "I wish I could like myself more".

You see, all it took was that wish for me.  I really did wish I could quit smoking.  Even more, I wished I could quit quitting....and starting again....and quitting again....

And so I made that wish.  Once I did, just like magic, the thought came to me:  "What's stopping you?"  The answer was  even quicker.  "Me".  I was the only one stopping myself from quitting.  Thinking I couldn't do it.  Thinking I wasn't worth the time or the effort or the chance.

This time, as I said before, my quit was different.  I did it and I knew throughout those first few weeks that this was it.  This time, I was consciously aware that I was worth the time and the effort and the chance.  I was worth quitting for :)

And it all just started with a little wish.  A sincere wish for change. 

Allow the thought to cross your mind.  Wish for something you sincerely desire.  And then allow your mind to lead you down the right path towards your heart's desire.  Because, just like me, you can make your wishes come true.  You have everything you need inside of you right now to overcome life's challenges.  To be happy.  To have what you want in order to live the way you want to.

It all starts with a wish.....

And I wish for you the very best in life,



I'm Just Me

Posted by Dancingthrulife_6.4.13 May 29, 2014

~~Live your life as if you were given a second chance.~~  Unknown


I feel like I've been given the second chance at life.  Like all the stress, unhappiness, and regrets of the past have been healed, forgiven, and put to rest.  A weight lifted off my shoulders.   And in the most remarkable way, my fears simply gone.

I used to be afraid of failing....failing my quit, failing my family, failing in life.  The fear stopped me from even trying so many things.  Sad, I know, but true.  Add to that piling stress on.  Stress that comes from being a single mom, from being the only breadwinner of the family....silly stress that now means absolutely nothing.

Because now I know to focus on what's truly important.  My family is important.  My health is important.  Living life to the fullest is important.  Dancing, singing, creating, helping people find their smiles.....all very important to me.

It's only when I let go of what others thought I should be doing...or feeling....or thinking....that I began to think and do and feel for myself.  And it's only when I let go of the fears....the fear of failing....the fear of letting others down....the fear of not being good enough....that I began being successful.  Because it's how I feel about myself that's important.  And I feel good about being just me.

I don't get stressed much anymore.  When I do, I remember what's important in life and the stress eases.  I don't get unhappy and I don't feel fear much anymore.  When I do, I remember what's important in life and I feel good again.

I'm just me.  Sometimes silly, sometimes with my head in the clouds, but always grateful, always content, and always remembering that I have only one life to live.  So I am going to make it count.

I wish for all of you the same sense of peace, the same sense of joy, and the same second chance at life.  Always remember to make it count :)


~~Relax.  Life takes time.~~  Unknown


Deep breathing?  Check.

Meditation?  Check.

Yoga?  Check.

Yes, I have my relaxation techniques handy at all times.  They keep me on an even keel.  They keep me happy.  Life is easy when I relax and let it happen.

Stress used to be a way of life with me.  Finances, family drama,, name it, I was stressed.  I wish I could remember when things changed for me but it was so gradual that before I knew it, I was happy.

Life happens like that, both good and bad.  You can change your habits either way.  I started with positive affirmations, a little yoga, and then.....WOW!  I liked it.  And I liked the way I felt when I did it.  So I continued on......a little deep breathing (from the diaphram), a little mediation, and then.....WOW again.  My life looks lovely, feels wonderful, and I am headed in the right direction.

I quit this time after I started changing my life for the positive.  So I actually had somewhat of a positive quit.  Yes, I had withdrawals.  Yes, I had the urge to smoke at the beginning.  Everyone does.  It's part of the process of quitting.

But I knew I'd get through it.  I relaxed and let life happen.  What a change for me!  I'm coming up on a year soon and I look forward to it.  I can do this.  And I'm smiling.

You can do this, as well.  You can think quitting is a hard struggle or you can think that you can do this...and relax and let it happen.  It's your choice.  Isn't that wonderful?!

Life truly is a dance......


~~Your life has purpose, Your story is important, Your dreams count, Your voice matters, You were born to make an impact.~~  Unknown


You ARE irreplaceable.  Please never give up on your quit....never give up on yourself.  You are needed, wanted, and loved right here.  Take good care of you and know you are so much more than you ever imagined!  So don't smoke.  Don't give up.  And don't ever think you aren't worth it.  You are.

Gentle hugs to all those who need one today.  Big fat squeezing hugs to those who made yesterday so very special for me!  And peace to us all this lovely day.


~~Every great story on the planet happened when someone decided not to give up but kept going no matter what.~~   Unknown


Have you ever read some of the members'  pages here?  There are wonderful stories of perseverence, courage, and fortitude!  Lovely, marvelous quotes of inspiration, motivation, and joy!  It's all here for every quitter to read, to learn from, and to hold on to.

When you struggle with stress, remember that you smell absolutely beautiful!  Don't give up the beauty by smoking.

When you get discouraged, remember the money you are saving by quitting.  Don't give up financial success by smoking.

When you think you can't hold on a moment longer, look at your family and friends.  You matter to them....a lot.  Don't waste time that you could be spending with them by smoking.

And mostly, when you think no one understands how hard it is to quit, come here and read these Ex pages.  They are full of comfort, encouragement, love.  They tell of tragedy, of truimph, and of truth.  Quitting is possible.  Just keep going no matter what and come here when you need a reminder that it can be done.

Always, always be gentle with yourself......


~~I can explain it to you but I can't understand it for you.~~  Unknown


As I come up on my one year quit anniversary (not until June 4th), I have been thinking about why I was able to stay quit this time when I "blew" all my other quits.  The only thing I can say for sure is that when I said the words "I can't ever smoke again once I put them down", I really...finally.....understood what that meant.

We read all the time about quitting.   Good advice, logical conclusions, brilliant wisdom.  It all has always made sense to me.  I would get excited over a phrase or a lovely quote and think "Wow, I've got it now"!

But in the back of my mind was the nagging doubt that I could do it forever.  That little addicted piece of my brain that said "if it doesn't work, you can go back to smoking".  It wasn't a conscious thought but it was there.  How do I know that for sure?  Because I went back to smoking.

This time when I decided it was time to quit, I truly understood that smoking was off the table.  For good.  Forever.  Once I quit, I could never smoke matter what.  Come hell or high water.

I lost a grandchild since I quit.  A 46 year old friend passed away.  I lost my job.  Many changes.  Much loss.  But no thoughts of smoking. 

I understand the words.  Smoking is NOT an option and that means forever.  I honor myself by honoring my commitment to my quit. 

So for those who struggle, look beyond the words to the feelings....the understanding....quitting means never smoking again.  Say that and really, really understand it.  And also understand that I wish for you the very best that life has to offer.  Joy.  Love.  Peace.  You deserve it.

I hope this helps.

Hugs to all,


~~Find what makes your heart sing and create your own music.~~  Mac Anderson


Every one of us has something that makes our heart sing.  We are so beautifully unique that it is different for everyone, but it is there.  If we look for the miracles in our lives, we will find it.  Look for the beauty, look for the peace, look for the love in our lives. 

Don't take for granted.  Don't focus on the negative....they will multiply quickly if given the chance.  Don't get bogged down in regrets.  Don't worry about the future.  It's there and will always be out of reach.

Find those miracles that will make your heart sing.  Find those miracles that bring a smile to your lips.  Find those miracles that remind you that you so very much matter to the world.

Because when you find those miracles, you will be at peace.  You will be joyful.  You will be grateful.  You will be ok.

And you will understand that you didn't lose a thing by quitting smoking.  Instead, you gained everything. 

Isn't life beautiful?  Enjoy!