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I would love nothing more than to help others.  Achieve their dreams, support their goals, or even just let them know someone in the world cares about them.  I'm not a doctor or a scientist or a scholar and I can't cure cancer.

But I do what I can.  I have been involved with Relay for Life for a few years now and I love it!!  I love the opportunity to raise money for a great cause.  A world with more birthdays!  Each year I hope that a cure is found and I can "retire" my cause.  2 out of 3 cancer victims are now cured when it used to be 1 out of 10.  Great strides!!


I have some other causes I volunteer for.  I want to give back to the world.  It's just who I am.  But the cause nearest and dearest to my heart is Relay for Life.  If you have a chapter in your town, take a look at it.  Relay is great fun and extremely touching. 


Volunteering also gets you away from thoughts of smoking.  Yes, it's true!  When you focus on something else, it's easier to get past those pesky craves.  230 days for me today and I am truly grateful to be here on earth.  Life is a joy!!


So, have you guessed what I'm doing?  I am sitting at my Relay for Life Yard Sale!  The sale was Saturday but I had so many things still to sell, I am doing it again today.  It's gorgeous outside and pretty nice inside, as well.

Enjoy your day and be thankful to be here on don't need to smoke.



So you quit smoking and now you have all this time on your hands. What do you do? I am truly asking...what do you do? Maybe you are a talented artist? Or a skilled organizer? Maybe you have a knack for volunteer work? Whatever you do, you now have more time, money, and energy to focus on your passion! Don't know wht your passion is? What better time to find out?! Life is what you make it so make it fun...or interesting...or meaningful. Don't focus on what you gave up by quitting, focus on all you gain. So find your passion and celebrate life!
I am not a big one on giving advice on how to quit as the people here have it covered beautifully. However, quitting seems to be a big New Years resolution and I would love to see you succeed. So simply be committed to your quit. Not just interested or even determined but committed. That means you take smoking off the table, period. Smoking is not an option no matter what. You will have uncomfortable moments. You may even face loss and trauma. But you will get through these times just as all non-smokers do. Commitment means you will not fail. So take your final step towards being a non-smoker...commit to your quit.