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Thanksgiving is the start of a beautiful holiday season for many.  Others may struggle with feelings of loss during this time.  Some may drink.  Some may hide.  Many will find the “reason” to light up.  Please let this be the first Thanksgiving that NOTHING will “make” you smoke.

Let this be the first holiday that you love yourself enough to continue on the road to health.  Love yourself enough to nurture you, protect yourself from those negative triggers, and allow yourself to enjoy this season.

You deserve so much in life.  Don’t turn away from all the good this year.  Feel the joy of being alive, feel the happiness of giving to others, and feel the pride that you have done something remarkable for yourself! 

Happy Thanksgiving to my friends who have never given up on me.  Happy Thanksgiving to my family who continue to be my reason for getting up in the morning.  Happy Thanksgiving to the ex-smokers here who continue to shine.  Most of all, Happy Thanksgiving to those who wish to quit, need to quit, and try to quit but haven’t quite gotten there yet.  You will get there, my friends.  Never give up on yourself!

What a lovely day to dance!!  What a lovely day to celebrate life!!  And, most of all, what a perfect day as Bee Jay is celebrating 100 days of not smoking =) 

I am more than just proud of you, my friend.  I am in awe of your strength and courage.  I am delighted with your humor through it all.  And I am thrilled to death that you have hit 100 days today! 

You are quit.  You did it your way, in your time, and you have done it well.  Congratulations, Bee Jay!!  Sincere wishes for your continued quit.  Jake thinks you are amazing and sends his love as well. 

Go swimming, hug Declan, do something wonderful for so deserve it!!  Here's to a lifetime of celebrations..........



Some people have a knack for writing....knowing what to say and how to say it.

Some people have a gift for teaching....knowing what to say and how to say it.

Some people have a talent for communicating....knowing what to say and how to say it.

Some people are here on EX learning how to quit.  Some are learning how not to.  But there is a core of quitters who have the knack for writing, the gift for teaching, and the talent for communicating who are all here because they want to help.

How amazing and remarkable!  They don't get paid, they don't certificates of appreciation, and yet they are here (some daily) because they realize the importance of support, education, encouragement, and listening. 

I applaud them and have been applauding on and off for years now.  I don't ever think anything I say will ever come close to the appreciation I feel for them....and you all know who you are.  You more than touch are instrumental in helping save lives.  Impressive and noteworthy!

If you ever think what you do doesn't matter, think again.  You may not be a doctor, but you help save lives.  You may not be a therapist, but you help save lives.  You may not be a saint, but you help save lives.  How many people in this day and age can say that?

We all have the choice to smoke or to quit.  We are responsible for our own choices.  But to come here and have someone willing to listen, willing to share, and willing to give up their personal time to spend time with others's priceless.  So thank you to the countless saints who try to help.  Thank you to the quitters who pass on tips and skills.  And thank you to those who bare their heart and souls to help others quit.

I came back to support a friend but found that as long as she is here, she has all the support she needs to keep that beautiful quit going.  Thank you all!