This Time I Didn't Smoke

Blog Post created by Dancingthrulife_6.4.13 on Oct 29, 2013

This time, I didn’t smoke!

I didn’t smoke when my refrigerator died and I lost over $200.00 of food.

I didn’t smoke when the delivery men refused to move my dead refrigerator before they brought the new one in.

I didn’t smoke when I was unhappy at work.

I didn’t smoke when my son decided to hit puberty…hard!

I didn’t smoke when my mother was less than pleased with my decisions.

And I didn’t smoke when I lost my newborn grandson to adoptive parents.

I may be wrong, I may be hurt, I may be sad, and I may make mistakes, but if I can NOT smoke through these things, I will continue to NOT smoke through other life events and challenges.  Not smoking through life allows me to live it!