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Happy Halloween!!  It's a lovely, exciting day for me as it is one of my favorite holidays =)  My son and granddaughter are looking forward to trick or treating this evening and we are having a party for the clients at work.  Everyone is dressing up...or down....and you can feel happiness everywhere!

Yes, it is a good day to not smoke.  I have energy for dancing, I can walk around  the town with my family, and I'm not isolating because of a cigarette.  Happy!!! 

It is so wonderful to be smoke free today, I am looking forward to doing it tomorrow as well.  By quitting, I get to keep my happy.....and I like it!

This time, I didn’t smoke!

I didn’t smoke when my refrigerator died and I lost over $200.00 of food.

I didn’t smoke when the delivery men refused to move my dead refrigerator before they brought the new one in.

I didn’t smoke when I was unhappy at work.

I didn’t smoke when my son decided to hit puberty…hard!

I didn’t smoke when my mother was less than pleased with my decisions.

And I didn’t smoke when I lost my newborn grandson to adoptive parents.

I may be wrong, I may be hurt, I may be sad, and I may make mistakes, but if I can NOT smoke through these things, I will continue to NOT smoke through other life events and challenges.  Not smoking through life allows me to live it!



Posted by Dancingthrulife_6.4.13 Oct 24, 2013

Today my group and I discussed fear.  Not just fear but how fear can be totally debilitating and stop us from getting what we want or where we want to be in our lives.  They learned how fear is an acronym for False Evidence Appearing Real.  They enjoyed the topic and the idea that there is no greater loss to the world than missing out on their unique contribution because they are afraid to fail or afraid that they don’t have anything worth contributing.

I am honest with my group and told them that I feared quitting smoking.  I was afraid to fail….again.  I was afraid that those I loved would roll their eyes and say, “Here she goes….again”.  My fear kept me from being where I wanted to be…smoke free.  So I finally faced my fear.  What was the absolute worst thing that could happen if I quit smoking?  My answer:  that I would fail.  My solution to that absolutely worst thing that could happen?  Don’t fail.

I haven’t failed and haven’t looked back.  I’m coming up on 150 days sometime soon (I don’t really count anymore) and never, ever regretted my quit.  I’m not afraid anymore. 

I don’t give advice here…much, anyway.  But, if I did, it would be to face your fear.  You’ll find it’s not so scary.  My best wishes to all who decide to quit!!


The Newest Me

Posted by Dancingthrulife_6.4.13 Oct 22, 2013

Have you ever noticed that you change when you quit smoking?  You feel stronger, you feel happier, and everything becomes just a bit better.  Well, I do anyhow.  This time I changed before I quit smoking.  I learned to like me more, I learned that I can cope with hard times, and I believed I was worth the effort of living a healthier life.

It's easier to be supportive of others than to support and encourage yourself.  First because I believe that we all truly want others to succeed.  But I also believe by focusing on others, we don't have to fix or heal ourselves.  We put ourselves last because it sometimes hurts to see what kind of state we are in. Or because we don't want to put ourselves first.

I have been teaching adults diagnosed with mental illness for almost two years now.  I teach them coping skills, I teach them to love themselves.  They are a remarkable group!!  But in teaching them, I also learned and was able to quit and not look back.  I quit and found that I can face emotions, challenges, and heartache without ever thinking of smoking my way through it.

I wanted to share something I found that reflected who I am today:

"I am enough.  I am full of sparkle and compassion.  I genuinely want to make the world a better place.  I love hard.  I practice kindness.  I am not afraid of the truth.  I am loyal, adventuerous, supportive, and surprising.  I am a woman.  I am enough.  I make mistakes but I own them and learn from them. Sometimes I make a lot of mistakes."  Molly Mahar

Enjoy who you are and know that you can get through life without smoking. Happy Tuesday!!

To often, we wait for that "perfect moment" to quit smoking.  We wait for our loved ones to be healthy.  We wait for our jobs to be less stressful.  We wait for the right time, the right place.

Don't wait!  Jump in with both feet and simply do it!!  Don't be afraid as no one has ever died from quitting smoking.  Be excited!  Be proud!  Be a quitter!

My all time favorite quote has always been:

"Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass,

It’s about learning to dance in the rain." 

I don't know who said it but it has changed my life =)  I have since danced in the rain hundreds of time...and loved every minute of it!

Don't wait for that perfect in the rain and feel your spirit soar!   

I wasn’t here for your 60 day anniversary, my friend.  Not even your 70 day.  I haven’t been turning cartwheels or applauding here as often as you deserve it.  As a matter of fact, I don’t think I’ve been here more than 5 minutes in the last couple weeks.

But you know why.  And you know that I turn cartwheels for you in my front yard for all my neighbors to see.   And you know that I wonder about how you are doing when I don’t here from you.

Most of all, you know that I think you are the best.  You are a wonderful mom, a fantastic grandma, and the best friend anyone could ever have.  I admire you tremendously. 

So while I have lost my gift for the right words at the right time (remember I wasn’t here for your 60 day anniversary), know that I applaud you daily and wish for you peace and contentment with your quit.  May you feel pride in your accomplishments no matter how small you think they are.  May you feel the thrill of conquering something that once held you captive.  May you know that you are worth the effort. 

And for all who know it’s time to quit smoking, may you find a truly supportive friend as I have in Bee Jay.  Someone to make you laugh uproariously.  Someone who makes you feel like you are worth the effort.  Someone who will listen.

Thanks, Bee Jay!  And congratulations on 78 smoke-free days.  I’m so very happy for you =)

The last two weeks have brought some major life changes to my little world.  It has been an extremely painful time for my family and there have been tears....a lot of tears. 

Life changing events happen to most everyone.  It hurts, it's unfair, but that's part of life.  I'll pull through.  I'm here not to complain or to gain sympathy....I'm here to say that not once did I think of smoking my way through this.  Not once!!

And that can only mean one thing.  Unfortunately, I think I have coping skills!  Yep, I think I am emotionally well balanced, healthy, and able to get through life's challenges without a crutch. 

Not to say it was pleasant.  It wasn't and it still isn't.  I've isolated myself quite a bit simply to get through my day without crying.  But I will get through my day and I will heal and life will go on.....all without smoking.

I need to start catching up with things here.  Bee Jay, I hope all's well!  Everyone else, too.  But it will take time and I need to continue to be easy on myself for awhile. 

I guess I can do this, huh?  And if I can do it, so can you =)