Spread Your Wings

Blog Post created by Dancingthrulife_6.4.13 on Sep 19, 2013

I normally don't share my poetry anymore.  It's simply a hobby I love.  But sometimes when I read about quitters struggling or not knowing what to do, I pull out an old piece and share because it may make them feel stronger.  We all have the ability to quit as there is no "secret to success" that no one tells you about.  But it's a growth....a blossoming of spirit that you need to embrace rather than fight. 

So, instead of giving advice or sharing my opinions.....here is a poem I write during a time when I was feeling bad about who I was.  ps-I don't feel bad about who I am anymore =)


Spread Your Wings

When your spirit has been battered
And your soul is cold and lost,
And you fight to make it through your day
No matter what the cost.

When your days are filled with shadows
And your nights drag endlessly,
Until you beg for sunlight and you're
pushing to break free.

When you're going to hit rock bottom
And you're grasping at thin air,
When there's no one to hang on to
And none that seem to care.


It's time for you to gather courage
And time for you to take control,
It's time for you to stand up
While you define your role.

Be the hero of your story
And learn to care for you,
Be proud of who you really are
And be proud of all you do.

Make your mark and stand your ground,
And hold your head up high,
Don't look down and don't look back,
Just spread your wings and fly.