My smoke free life - Episode 15

Blog Post created by CrazyQuitter on Oct 30, 2020

Well very recently I had a bad spell with the alcohol I went on a week and a half bender. I had two excuses. Oct 22nd was the anniversary of my job. I had been working there for 6 years! Ontop of this I just wanted to relax. 

This week I took 3 days off the alcohol so this week is better. After tonight I'll probably go AF again. I usually get sick of drinking after the 3rd or 4th night in a row.

I feel like I don't have alot of coping skills. The only things I do in my spare time is write music, watch you tube and Netflix. With no live music in town it makes it hard to go out. I saw my Best friend last week and had a good night. All I seem to do when I go out is go and do my food shopping and go to the chemist. I guess I just need to make more plans throughout the week.

The good news is that I am doing yet again another collab with an Artist. My sister Project Neontronix will be working with another synthwave/outrun artist working on vocals for a track she's been working on. I am also trying to add vocals to one of my own songs, which is something I have wanted to do for a very long time.


My goals for this week are:


To work on the music and get another track done

Stay sober for 5 days


It's Halloween in Australia right now. I might just dress up as a green goth.