The Smoker's Vow Day 65

Blog Post created by cory-quit-3-10-13 on May 14, 2013

The Smoker’s Vow


To be said just before taking your first puff after having quit for any appreciable period of time


With this puff I enslave myself to a lifetime of addiction.

While I can’t promise to always love you,

I do promise to obey every craving

and support my addiction to you

no matter how expensive you become.


I will let no husband or wife,

no family member or friend,

no doctor or any other health professional,

no employer or government policy,

no burns or no stench,

no cough or raspy voice,

no cancer or emphysema,

no heart attack or stroke,

no threat of loss of life or limbs,

come between us.


I will smoke you forever

from this day forth,

for better or worse,

whether richer or poorer,

in sickness and in health,

till death do us part!


“You may now light the cigarette.”


“I now pronounce you a full-fledged smoker.”



I just really enjoyed reading this today and I wanted to post it on my blog so that I could come back and look at it often. 

I want to keep the unpleasant aspects of smoking fresh in my mind, even though my cravings seem to be getting easier at this point.  I love who I am becoming without cigarettes.  I love that I have one less thing to concern myself with on a daily basis. No more carrying them around, thinking about them constantly, neglecting my kids to go and have one, smelling awful and constantly washing my hands and face.  As a matter of fact, since I've quit I swear that the wrinkles on my face have lessened! Just one of the MANY benefits, but a big and noticeable one for vain ol'me.

I couldn't be happier with my decision to quit smoking and so is everyone who knows me.  They never thought I could do it and I am proving them wrong!

I love my life!