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Good morning EXer’s! A while ago I wrote a blog about severe breathing problems that I had encountered. After I wrote the blog, I ended up on steroids for a couple of weeks, along with inhalers and oxygen.


My blood oxygen level back then was tracking between 86-88%. Not good! When I first started the steroids, I found that I could breathe once again! It was a wonderful feeling to say the least. I saw a pulmonologist and he ordered some breathing tests. While I waited to take those tests, I continued to get better. I quit using oxygen and each day my blood oxygen level increased until today I’m between 92-95% nearly all of the time.


I just got my test results back and was told that I have a very mild COPD, coupled with mild asthma. My lung capacity is down ten percent, but that’s considered pretty good for someone my age!


All in all, I had a bit of a scare when I couldn’t breathe. But that exacerbation might have gotten my COPD diagnosed at a very early stage. The doctor believes that with aggressive treatment using the inhalers, that the damage can be minimized.


Sure, there’s going to be some differences to things now that I have this diagnosis. Colds and viruses can set off another incident, but now I’m aware of it, know what to look for and how to treat it earlier on so that it hopefully doesn’t get so bad.


All in all, I feel pretty good about things. I’m happy with my life and love my freedom. In fact, every morning when I wake I take a nice deep breath and thank myself for making that decision that I made over five years ago. Every morning I look to my vision of Mt. Freedom and smile for you see, I really did make it to that summit. I really did find freedom! And it was as wonderful as I always believed it would be.  


So never for a moment think that the journey of life isn’t worth it. Never lose sight of the love of life that can help us to succeed. Always keep your eye on the summit and remember, what you’re doing now will determine what your future will look like!


Myself, I’m pretty happy that I chose life over slow, lingering death. Sure I have some complications from my addiction but those could’ve been much worse by now if I hadn’t quit smoking when I did.


And now I can still look forward to planting my garden. To creating a landscape that will always remind me of the freedom I have created for myself. If you haven’t quit yet, then there’s no better time than right now to do so.


Go for it!! You’ll be so glad that you did!!!