Fall Thoughts

Blog Post created by Chuck_Quit_2-20-2011 on Sep 14, 2015

Hello EXer’s!!


And so we’ve found ourselves in the middle of September! The fall always reminds me of the cycles of life. It reminds me of how nature must tear down it’s beauty in the winter in order to create a more perfect being, whatever that being might be. It reminds me that no matter how a certain day might appear to us that so often the next day can be so much brighter!


When we quit smoking, we do a lot of what nature intended for us humans to do. We take what we’ve got and strive to make it better. The reality is that it’s human nature to seek harmony in our lives. To find the best means to a more perfect future.


At times it can seem like an impossible task but if we really stop to think about it, when we quit smoking we’re actually embarking on a path to a better future. We’re kind of tearing things down to make a more perfect self. We’re deciding that we want change so badly that we’ll do anything we can to achieve it! We’re even willing to overcome our own fear of change in order to embrace a new future!


And eventually we find a belief that we really can! That we’ve got what it takes to look ahead rather than dwell on our current discomforts. Sure. it’s hard. Change always is. But to see the glory on the other side of that change is such a powerful motivator.


All we have to do is remember what we want so badly. All we have to do is long for freedom and make that desire stronger than anything else in our lives. Stronger than the screaming child inside that longs to derail the quit.


It is indeed an unusual battle. One that very few have ever fought before for you see, this battle is personal. This battle is one that we must fight within ourselves. One that lives inside but the thing is, every reward that we long for lives inside of us as well.


It’s the dream of freedom. A dream of life. A dream of a future that might never be if we don’t make this commitment to ourselves. Go for it! Take that plunge and keep your eye on the prize of freedom and never forget that with freedom comes a kind of peace that hasn’t been felt for a long, long time.


A peace that comes with confidence and pride for though we got ourselves into this addictive mess, we can also get ourselves out of it!


Stay true to yourselves. Never for a moment think that you can’t do it. We’ve all been at the beginning of this journey at one time. We’ve all gone through what you are going through and in the end I think all of us who have found that freedom. All of us who have found that wonderful peace on the other side of addiction long to see others find the very thing that we found. It’s waiting for you after just a little time.


On step at a time my friends. One step at a time . . . . .