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Checking in

Posted by Chuck_Quit_2-20-2011 Jul 6, 2015

Good day to the most dedicated people on the planet! I hope all is well with you and that you’re secure in your quits! It’s really worth the effort it takes to find that freedom. To reach that day when you know that you’ll never smoke again!


The reality is we must always be on guard but it doesn’t have to be difficult forever. We only have to keep our commitment to life close to our hearts as we progress and over time the habit is to enjoy the world free of the ball and chain that we created for ourselves.


Though we must always be vigilant, we can still enjoy life in ways that we never enjoyed it before. To really smell the fragrance of the flowers that for so long were only the smell of our cigarettes. To really and truly see the world around us because we no longer have to plan getting that next cigarette in.


To find the power that can only come from commitment and to use that power in so many other ways in our lives. These are just a few of the many benefits that awaits us once we can get our minds out of addictive thinking.


One day at a time, we walk the road of freedom. One day at a time we start to forget the power that our addiction had over us. And each day we find that peace is just a little easier to realize. I know it can be hard at first. Change always is. But once that change is made I can tell you from experience that the new normal of our lives is almost beyond belief!


There’s no missing that smoke! There’s no longing to return to the old ways. No. Instead once the mask of addiction is lifted we can see through that cloud that we lived in for so long. And there’s a bit of pride that comes from knowing that what we’re doing is not only the right thing to do but is also life changing!


Go for it! Always remember that what you do right now determines what your future will look like. The choices you make now can change your life forever.


Try not to dwell so much on what you might think you’re losing. Instead, look to that future of health and happiness and know that one day this dream will be a reality. It takes a little work to get there but it’s time well spent.


As for checking in, I’m doing great! I still stand on the summit of Mt. Freedom and wave that banner of freedom high over my head, so happy to be free. So happy to have made those choices in my past that created the reality II now get to live. So happy to know in my heart and soul that though I will always be an addict, I’m an addict with an attitude and that attitude is called freedom!!


Keep going, taking it one day at a time and I promise you, you will never regret it!!