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Finding Peace

Posted by Chuck_Quit_2-20-2011 Apr 20, 2015

Good morning EXer’s!!


It’s so cool to feel the peace that comes from beating an addiction, but the thing is, it takes time to reach that wonderful feeling of peace that comes from freedom. At the same time, finding peace during the beginnings of our quits can seem almost impossible!


I know I write an awful lot about Mt. Freedom. I write a lot about the addict within. I write a lot about dreams. And yes, I constantly write about freedom and how wonderful it feels. And there’s a reason that I do this for you see, when I first started my quit, I longed to find peace. I longed for all the rewards that I knew I’d have to wait for. But you know what? I only thought I had to wait for a very short time because there’s a kind of power within our minds.


It’s a power that reaches every part of our beings, no matter what’s happening in our lives. And so long as we choose to understand that what we’re doing when we quit smoking is one of the best choices that we could ever make, than we can find peace.


For me, that peace existed on top of Mt. Freedom. The more I thought about that mountain, the better it made me feel. Why? Because by focusing on what represented the end of my journey, I found peace. Sure, the climb is hard but by looking to the goal rather than constantly regretting a choice that I made, I found peace. By knowing in my heart that I would one day stand on that summit, I found peace.


You see, I was so busy thinking about that wonderful life ahead that I forgot to fret over what I was currently going through. And it spurred me on. Every day, I climbed a little further. Every day I got past another twist in the road and knew that I’d learned how to handle the next twist. Every day I saw the summit of Mt. Freedom a little clearer. Even as I went through no man’s land, I kept my eye on that summit, never doubting that I would one day reach it. And yes, even in no man’s land, I felt peace.


There’s a Mt. Freedom inside all of us. It may not be a mountain. It could be a beach or a shimmering tower that shines with the beauty of our achievements, with the banner of freedom on top blowing in the wind and beckoning to us to reach it. To hold it. To wave it high over our heads for all to see!


Regardless of how one might see the journey, it’s still a journey filled with strange arguments with ourselves. It’s still a journey where we wonder why it seems so hard and yet continue onward.


But if we can keep our eyes on the prize that exists for all of us at the end of this crazy journey than it makes the trials seem so much easier. Fight on my friends! Live the life of freedom with every breath of clean fresh air that you breathe. Know in your heart and soul that what you’re doing is the right thing and before long, you’ll be standing on your own summit proudly waving that banner of freedom for all to see as the symbol of not only your own achievement but also the future achievements of others!


Keep your eye on the prize!




The Dream

Posted by Chuck_Quit_2-20-2011 Apr 13, 2015
   Good morning EXer’s!!
   Have you ever woke with a dream that seemed so real that you really, really thought it was reality? Have you ever taken a single thought and turned it into a dream of a lifetime? Have you ever wondered just how it feels to be completely free? To see the world a little differently than the one in which you currently live?
   You see, there’s a journey that lives inside of us. A journey that is of our own making. We may have been shackled by addiction but the thing is, there’s a key. A key that lives inside of us. The part of us that will not be enslaved. The part that says, “NO! I will not live like this!”
   This is the part that makes our dreams possible. The thing that allows us to turn our dreams into an incredible reality! It starts with conviction and then a belief that we can turn that conviction into something real. For me, it started as a whisper and became the thunder that I could no longer ignore.
   I think most of us feel a kind of excitement as we approach that quit day so long as we’ve prepared. The reason being for me at least that I’d prepared for seemingly ages and when the day came, I was more than ready!
   Then comes the initial fight that we all must face and as the withdrawals kick in, we begin to see the dream. We begin to see our true resolve. We begin to take what was once a dream and turn it into a new reality. A new life!
   It’s great to dream, so long as the resolve is there to turn that dream into reality. A dream alone isn’t the answer but it is a means of reaching that answer because when in doubt. When we think we might not make it, it becomes a good time to remember why we started in the first place. To see the dream we had when we chose to take that first step. The reason we chose to beat our own personal demons. And in that dream lies power!
   So no matter what stage you’re in in your quits, always remember to hang on to that dream. The dream that contains life. The dream that contains a future so bright that without the dream you might not ever see it!
   Fight on my friends! Look to the summit of Mt. Freedom and dream of that banner of freedom that you too will soon be waving high over your head! Teach your heart, mind and soul that all you desire is freedom no matter what it takes!