Mt. Freedom

Blog Post created by Chuck_Quit_2-20-2011 on Mar 20, 2015

Good morning EXer’s!!


The other day I mentioned a thing that helped me to quit and that was visualization. Enough people seemed interested in my vision of Mt. Freedom that I thought I’d delve into it a little more. For me, the mountain has always symbolized my quit journey. It has all of the proper elements that can be associated with dealing with life's problems. Especially when it’s something like quitting smoking that is in reality a long journey to say the least.


Mt. Freedom is a very tall mountain. When I first started my journey, I glanced up to the summit and it seemed to be so very far away. I stood and thought about my journey and when I was ready, I took the first cautious step on the path of freedom. My first steps were slow and careful as I was feeling out this new world that I’d thrown myself into.


Soon as the days past, I gained some confidence in my footing and began climbing a little faster. There were many twists and turns on the path and with each one that was encountered, I learned how to deal with the next one. Always looking to the freedom but also understanding that each step we take to get closer to the summit, more and more is learned.


And then ahead I saw the snowfields that could in itself become an important part of the journey, for you see to slip down the slippery slope would mean that I’d have to start over. That I’d have to do it all over again to get to where I now was. So I traversed the snow fields, careful of my footing.


And then I looked up and sure enough, the summit had grown so much closer. I could see the boulder fields just up ahead and there on the summit was the banner of freedom, unfurled in the wind in all of it’s glory! I so wanted to reach that banner. To feel the peace and calm that comes with freedom and I knew so long as I never lost my confidence that one day I would be standing on that summit, waving the banner of freedom high over my head for all to see!


And then one day I was there. Standing on the summit of Mt. Freedom, and yes. I grabbed the banner of freedom and waved it over my head. I wanted to show those down there on the slopes that they really can make it! I wanted to show them the banner of freedom to give them hope and so that they too could experience the peace that I was now feeling. I wanted to throw ropes down to them to help them on their own climb. I wanted to run down and meet them to give them knowledge that I had learned from my own journey in the hopes that it would make their journey just a little easier.


We all have to take a journey when we chose freedom. It takes time but with each day it get’s easier. With each step on the path to freedom it gets calmer and in the end, we get to learn what freedom feels like and you know what? It feels incredible!


So if you haven’t yet taken that first step on the road to freedom, than what are you waiting for? If you’re on the slopes working your way to that summit than never believe that you can’t make it. Every day gives us the knowledge that we need to get through the next.


Every challenge that we face smoke free is another step to freedom. Every urge and crave that we get past only strengthens us for the next until one day, we are free. The good thing is that I think the freedom comes in stages. We kind of start to feel it as soon as we recognize that we're addicts and that we no longer want to be.


There was many a scar put on our beings by our addiction, and it takes time to heal those scars. Many are healed along the way. Some take a little longer. But in the end it’s the belief in ourselves that wins. A kind of determination that was built on the path to freedom. In the end we can find peace and continue the healing process.


Never for a moment think that the prize of freedom isn’t worth the effort. I can tell you firsthand that it is and that the day you decide that you will stand on the summit of Mt. Freedom will be the first day of a new life. Don’t dread it. Embrace it!!