Keep your eye on the prize

Blog Post created by Chuck_Quit_2-20-2011 on Feb 18, 2014

Good day EXer’s!!


Have you ever had a dream? A thought that becomes so powerful that it transcends all else. A thing that grows inside until it cannot be denied. To me, this is how it is when we first decide to quit smoking. To succeed we have to first take that thought and turn it into a tangible reality.


When it comes to addiction, we sometimes find ourselves working harder at finding reasons not to quit then we do finding reasons to do it. The thing is, when we choose to quit smoking, we also choose to live a life that we’re not used to. One that somehow seems lusterless without those cigarettes.


I think our addictions have been telling us little lies for so long that we actually tend to believe some of them. I mean really, why would anyone want to smoke? Is there a single good thing that we can find to make it worth doing? I think not. But the reality is that we have to find ways around those old dangerous beliefs. For some, this can be hard to do simply because we can’t seem to change those old thought patterns.


For me, looking at reality was kind of a wake up call. The lungs constantly feel the effects of smoking. Each cigarette can conceivably bring us closer to death. Every time we give up another minute of life just to smoke really makes no sense.


So I think what it boils down to is lifestyle changes. This is what we fear I think. For some reason we become convinced that doing the things we’ve always done without cigarettes just won’t be exciting without them. This is another of the lies of addiction.


And then on top of that, when we finally do quit, we get those darn withdrawals to deal with. That on top of the lifestyle changes can seem almost insurmountable at times.


But take heart! It doesn’t have to be this way! The first moment that we deny our addictions the food it needs to stay alive, we begin living a new reality. One that tells us that we really don’t need that cigarette to live. To enjoy life. Even as the addict within starts screaming at us, we see a new reality forming.


Stay focused on that new reality my friends! You’re not losing a thing when you quit and you’re gaining everything! Freedom. A newly found health. A new outlook on life that is just so much more positive! Always try to look ahead for that’s where your freedom lies. Not in the past where those thoughts of cigarettes still dwell.


You don’t have to miss your old life. Instead embrace the new one that you’re creating with every moment that you stay true to yourself. This is your new reality so why not try to enjoy it?


And never, ever forget that your new life is already there the moment you put out that last cigarette. When you feel a craving, look to the future where there are no longer any cravings. When freedom outweighs the old ball and chain. When the world calms and becomes a wonderful new life full of health and accomplishments.


It’s within all of us to quit. We have the power. All we have to do is believe in ourselves and never, ever think of the past with sorrow.